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[Vol. 75] Farewell to Acne

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  Although acne is known as an un-invited guest to many juveniles, there are many people who are still suffering from acne after such a period. Because acne is one of the typical hormonal diseases, it is normal for acne to disappear after one's adolescent period. However, it does harass many people unpunctually. In this article, as one of the victims of acne, I will show you my efforts and some useful knowledge to defeat this abominable enemy!! 
* Caution: Please do not just follow what I did, but just refer to it. People have all different symptoms and characteristics.
1. Are greasy foods and alcohol really harmful to acne?

Greasy food and alcohol are well-known to bring about acne. It is true that alcohol is the most harmful to skin and directly affects acne. This is because it stimulates the epidermis to increase its temperature and takes moisture from the skin. However, the fact that we usually think of greasy food’s effect to acne is quite wrong, as based on research over the last 40 years, it is agreed among dermatologists that greasy foods are not directly related to acne. Furthermore, research done after 2002 report that foods containing a lot of sugar and milky products are to cause and worsen acne. In my experience, drinking alcohol directly affects acne. I have studied several times the relationship between the emergence of acne and alcohol with my body. The relation was obvious. Even small amounts of alcohol triggered acne. Then, I realized that I should quit drinking in order to have a clean face. Therefore, please, think one more time before drinking alcohol.
2. Can acne deteriorate with opening and closing pores with hot and cold water?

Washing is as important as eating when fighting acne. It was popular among ordinary people to open pores with hot water, to scrub the face hard in order to wash away deeply-embedded impurities, and finally to wash out the bubbles with cold water to close pores. I have also learned from my father that this method had worked really well to remove acne.  But, it is plausibly a wrong method. This is because the way has a possibility to threaten the epidermis with too hot or cold water. Scrubbing face hard also has possibility to stimulate skin, too. Therefore, it is recommended that washing one's face should be with tepid water and people should pet their face softly and gently when washing.
3. The power of using medicinal drugs is huge which restrain the secretion of sebum, specifically a drug such as Roaccutane.

When I was in military service, my companion recommended to me the drug. He said that after taking it for 2 months, he had quite good skin. Following him, I was prescribed it and started to take it. For the first few weeks, my face became so hot and red and lips were too dry even to open the mouth. I was so stressed that I consulted the doctor. He told me that I should endure those symptoms to restrain all the acnes. However, my face became desperately weak even to the state of not being able to touch it softly, and acne even also increased a lot. Therefore, I gave up taking the pill. Then after few weeks, I came back to the normal face with more acne. I am not sure whether the pills will help restrain the appearance of acne and produce a clean face. Therefore, if there is someone who wants to take such drugs, I advise to keep in mind that these symptoms can happen to most takers.
4. Are the laser procedures really effective when removing scars on the face?

During the final vacation in my military service, I underwent a laser procedure to remove acne-scars on my face. Because I had a very small number of acne at that time, I thought that if I delete the red dots, I could have a good skin. Though it was quite expensive, I invested the money to end the frightening battle. The procedure was not that hurtful and the after-soothing massage was comfortable. However, when I looked at the mirror, I thought that I had canceled the appointment to drink with my friends. The face was really like the reddish-ripened tomato. I do not want to recall that time anymore. It was shameful. Though I only had to stay at home for the week after the procedure, I could have enormously clean skin. It was like a baby face. After the scabs formed over the red face, the new skin appeared behind the scab. But, do not forget what I say. Never get the procedure before you are sure you will not have active acne anymore. Like my occasion, if the acne bursts out again, all the money and painful time in recouping would be of no use.
  Many university students are concerned about acne. Some of them might have cured it all or some others are still suffering with it. Many experts say that with a healthy diet and washing one's face well, people can treat acne, but it is not that easy of a scenario. Even though they are caring about their diet and washing well, acne appears sometimes cutely or sometimes acutely. Everyone who defeats acne says that if people do not give up caring steadily and constantly, they can cure the acne in the end. Therefore, do not give up caring about and remind yourself of what is important.


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