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[Vol. 75] When you feel lonely

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Eun-ji: Doctor, I feel sad and lonely in these times. While my friends look so happy and lucky, everything bad happens to me. I feel this almost one to three times a semester. What is happening to me?
Doctor: Oh, that's common to KNUE students. We call this Kyo-pression, Kyowon-depression. It usually disappears as time goes by, but there are some ways to relax your mind right now. I will give you a prescription: Take a walk along beautiful KNUE roads.'

CC Road

CC Road? I don't like its name, but I'll follow the doctor's suggestion. I heard this road is crowded with campus couples at night, but there are few people at noon. It is really quiet and relaxing. Warm sunlight, beautiful cherry blossoms, a little cat house... I am sure it is the best place to take a walk after eating meals. Look at those pretty flowers! They make this road more romantic. Looking at them, I am reminded of my grandmother. She really liked flowers. If she could come here, she would have loved it. Grandma, you are more beautiful than flowers, how are you doing in heaven? I can get confidence thinking of you. I will embrace my energies!
Jatnamoo, Nut Pine Road

There are so many trees in our campus, so I have never heard of Nut Pine Road. But, it is fantastic with romantic piano sounds emanating from behind Music Building. The bright sunlight shines in through those tall nut pine trees. Oh, there is a pavement over there! I am curious about what beautiful things make me happy. What are those, fried eggs? Ah, it's a Shasta daisy garden! Although I have seen some of them while walking, this is the first time to see a large garden like this. Flowers on both sides of the road are greeting and cheering me up while waving their pretty heads. It should be the best, most wonderful place in KNUE. Ouch! But, wearing sandals was the worst choice.
Utodise Hill

Utodise? I guess it means Utopia plus Paradise. The name already made me excited. The doctor said to go to the left at Nut Pine Road, so let's go! Wow, the way to that hill is also beautiful. There are many plants we cannot see easily, like Cornelian cherries (산딸나무) and Trifoliate orange trees (탱자나무). I didn't know they also existed in KNUE. Mew, mew. What is that sound? There is a cute kitty there! She helps me cheer up while responding to my voice. Oh, there is a sign, Utodise Hill. I can see the rural scenery here. Cool wind, no people, and a beautiful view... whenever I feel like enjoying the cool air, I will come here. With such a prescription, Kyo-pression was completely cured!
Doctor: Do you suffer from Kyo-pression? There are many historical roads which make your heart warm, other than the three roads in KNUE campus mentioned above. You can search names, locations, and characteristics of many roads through 'Trail 30' via the KNUE application.

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