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[Vol. 75] Letter from the Chief Editor

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  With the ongoing media coverage of horrible crimes, it is terrifying to unfold a newspaper as they say. A case of a murder, stabbing rampage, and a mindless attack… the media is full of murders and accidents nowadays. When crime is reported, the most high-profile fact is who, than the when, where, or why. Once the criminals’ identity gets released, netizens even dig through their mini-homepage or SNS to know them better. However, do you really want to see the face of the criminals? Do you need to do so? Do you have a right to know their face, name, address, even personal website address, and everything about them?

  To answer these questions, three cover stories here try to look at the criminals in the eye. First, there is one letter each from both sides of the families of the imaginary victim and murderer, which may let you sympathize with each side. Then, the gaze is moved into inside facts after releasing the identity within real cases. And finally, taking a step backward, the overall shape of society is described in terms of the law to decide whether or not to release, the press freedom to report, and us as the willing receivers. Hopefully, you will be able to understand the issues of facing ‘the face of crime’ from various angles and make our own decision.
  Other than the cover stories, INDIGO captures other features of KNUE. In the preceding sections, it describes KNUE’s new president, Lew Hee-chan, a new club, PLAY, and new department, Department of Chinese Education. The following also reflect the voices that KNUE students or professors have as we interviewed them. You can hear the voice about the revised Residential Education Curriculum at KNUE Attack, and about the environment and environmental education in the section Education. In this way, INDIGO tries to become the press for KNUE. For you, all of you. INDIGO means deep blue, and Cheongram in Chinese characters. This is why this volume is made deep blue and devoted to Cheongram fellow students.

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