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[Vol. 74] Welcome to Jeongwa Hanok Village

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  Welcome to Jeongwa Hanok Village Have you ever been to Hanok village? If you have, where did you go? Maybe it was Jeon-ju or Seoul Bukchon and Namsan Hanok village. But I will introduce somewhat unfamiliar hanok village. It’s Jeongwa hanok village, in Il-san. And it held a festival from Oct, 24 to FEB, 29. From beginning day to Dec, 20 only Friday, Saturday and Sunday holds festival, from Dec, 21 to the end, everyday holds the festival day. In order to show you more vivid information, Indigo went there on first day of festival.

  First, before showing a festival to you, Indigo would tell you about Jeongwa. Jeongwa is actually not completed yet. It is still being constructed now and it aims to be completed by next June. So, you might wonder why Jeongwa is special despite it is just partly finished to build it. Jeongwa is made of natural ingredients except bathroom by using natural ways. Especially it had natural drying process for 3 years in order to prevent from bugs. And total period of building Jeongwa is 16years including this year. Jeongwa is also named ‘hanok of a thousand year’ because Geumgang pine tree consists of its main columns and crossbeam. It has idiom that ‘it lives for a thousand year and even it dead, being used for a thousand year’. It means it is such a hard and great tree. 
  From now on, let’s go into Jeongwa!
  When you see them above, you have to walk about 10 minutes to entrance of Jeongwa. Around the road, you can smell the feeling of the country. 

  After you walk along the road, beautiful front gate welcomes you. As soon as enter the gate, there is ticket office. During the festival, enter fee of daytime is 6,000won and night time fee is 7,000 won for weekdays 9,000 won for weekends about an adult. Then you will receive the wristband such as amusement park ticket.

  And I went into gate and bought tickets. Gentle lights from the wall shine the road. There are many hanoks along the road. Hanoks are almost similar but when you looking around with interests, you will find some difference of size, shape and mood.  And please don’t miss the flowers along the wall. Tiny wild flowers must be make you smile. With them, you would also get the pretty photos.
  See above hanok. I think the best thing that it is different with other hanoks is that you can enter the hanok partly. Other hanok villages are mostly giving us just the views. But here, Sitting and touching them, you may receive rather familiar feelings. 

  Following is some place that people can do traditional plays.
  You can play archery, neolttwigi, jianzi, tuho, and throwing the ball in the dokkyaebi’s mouth there above photo. And next to playing place, there is the only barbecue restaurant. Not having the menu and not noticing the price anywhere. So, I asked the worker to tell me the price. It is too expensive to buy for student. Its price is 37,000won for two. So I recommend you to find nearby other restaurants when you want to have meals there.
  When walking the road for a few minutes, you can see the exhibition that Jangseung and above that. When you climb up along the wall and turn left, you can find this. In this place, some people took a picture with mimic the exhibition.

  Actually I expected to see the flowers, Siberian chrysanthemum. Because I saw the post below before I went there. In the poster, the time of festival is not showed. But When I asked ticket office employee “Where can I get to the flowers in this poster?” She answered that it is ended because the evening time is dangerous for mountain road. So you have to choose one of them. In other words, you must give up the flowers or beautiful hanoks at night. And surely the latter is better.
  It doesn’t take a long time to see here, unless you participate in the activity, go into the café or eating meals here. So I recommend you to go kintex and Ilsan lake-park before or later. Except here, rather than going to the amusement park that you could go whenever you want to go there, why don’t you visit places that are the traditional but uncommon and special? The life is mortal and lots of great places waits for you. Here is one of good examples.
Come to Jeongwa, it will give a precious memory to you and your family, friends and lovers.

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