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[Vol. 74] How are we going to accept diversity?

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  It is no doubt that democracy and liberalism cannot go separately without diversity. Diversity definitely is needed to improve our society in many areas. It enriches our thinking, enables us to broaden perspectives and even prompts our creativity. Diverse ideas and values are colliding and collaborating together. This conflict and harmony of diversity ultimately produce better and more advanced values. We, however, have to keep in mind that diversity is not just a simple idea as seen on the surface. As discussed in this edition of INDIGO, it is something that has to be considered from various perspectives. On the one hand, it is the absolute value which should be protected and cannot be negotiated with any kind of things. On the other hand, although it is undeniable that diversity is necessary, if this diversity crosses the boundary which is set up to make diversity itself safe, it would be no longer meaningful but harmful to the society just as if freedom were to become self-indulgent. 

  Diversity apparently is not just a short-term trend which sweeps over a certain period. Even though it is not visible, it will always accompany us just like a shadow. In that sense, it is imperative for us to have the critical eyes to perceive and evaluate diversity appropriately. Yet, diversity in today’s society is a tricky concept to be defined since even the criteria of diversity are obscure and constantly changing depending on the people and context. What is more complicating is that the value and meaning of diversity could significantly differ depending on which field we are talking about, and it naturally means that to which extent we should accept diversity could be very different depending on the field. Therefore, through previous two cover stories, we INDIGO tried to help you form the perspective of how you can look at diversity appropriately. By taking a close look at some cases of where and how diversity could become controversial especially in the arts and academic fields, you might have been able to get some hint of what the real meaning of diversity is as well as how you have perceive at and accept it. Now, with your own point of view, have a look around in detail what kind of diversity is occurring in various fields and how it is affecting our society. Then, you probably would encounter the same question no matter what type of diversity you are looking at. How are you going to accept diversity? 

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