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[Vol. 74] Diversity on Today

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  There is quite an interesting story about a Korean woman who made a big hit of bibimbap in the States. It turns out she succeeded is because of the diverse options of sauce for bibimbap. In addition to the regular red pepper paste, she provided various types of sauces including soy sauce, mustard, mayonnaise and soybean paste. So, one can say that her key to success was diversity. Indeed, the fact that diversity is the vital component is not only restricted to restaurant business. The idea of diversity now obviously is ubiquitous and undoubtedly influential regardless of the fields. Perhaps, it is not too much to say that diversity is the concept playing the leading role in 21st century.   
- The power of diversity -
  Diversity has been growing with the development of democracy and liberalism. Maybe, the reason why people consider diversity as the last thing to give up is because of the fact that people had been fiercely struggling to fight against dictatorship in order to protect diversity and freedom of expression. This idea of diversity seems to be very precious, thus is now spread out increasingly as a social atmosphere and even beyond that, it is trying to become a kind of faith to some people. It is strongly believed that diversity has many benefits in various ways. Diversity is normally considered as a driving force of developing our society and it can make people broaden perspectives largely. The power of diversity is now actually influencing so many fields such as business, education, law, culture and even sexual orientation. Following that, if some people cannot accept and respect diversity, they would be likely to be evaluated as being ignorant. Even in the case of a religion, in the name of diversity, religious people are kind of forced to admit other religions and even other religious parties, which is absolute against their creed. It is no surprise that this kind of situations appears to be very natural to us, which implies how powerful diversity is becoming in our society.  
- Controversy about diversity; Diversity should be the first? -
  Recently, though, there has been a huge conflict in defining diversity. Diversity inevitably has a lot to do with external pressures like politics and market economy which have a strong voice in the society. These external pressures normally, with their strong power, are able to take control of diversity, which upsets many proponents of diversity so that they try to make diversity not be damaged by any kinds of pressure. In the meantime, some people have been very skeptical that pursuing diversity should always be the top priority. They believe that there are more important values other than diversity. It is quite probable that even some sort of wrong ideas and unacceptable values in any aspects could be jumping on the diversity bandwagon. In other words, due to the tolerant feature of diversity, problematic ideas such as unethical and illegal values can possibly survive in the society where diversity is significantly respected. The people who are skeptical of diversity worry that these disputable ideas hidden behind diversity could hold back the development of the society, eventually causing the society to be caught in an uproar.

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