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[Vol. 74] We can do it

Teacher certification exam is getting nearer 서한주 기자l승인2015.12.09l수정2015.12.10 01:14






  With the beginning of the 1st round of Child and Elementary school Teacher certification exam on November 12th, Teacher certification exams started. It might be unfortunate news for some test takers that the TO (Table of Organization) of some subjects this year decreased a lot compared to last year. The number of TO in Korean, English, and mathematics fell, for example. In detail, Korean TO was decreased by twenty-five percent, that of math fell by twenty-one percent, and English TO dropped by twenty-eight percent compared to last year’s TOs. However, being opposite to the results of the subjects above, history, Chinese, music and fine arts have increased their TO this year. History TO has risen by thirteen percent, while Chinese TO increased by thirty-six percent, and music and fine arts TOs were mounted each by twenty-four and thirty-two percent, respectively. In addition, the teacher certification exam of elementary school TO of this year have also slightly diminished compared to last year. The TO in only Seoul, Kyeong-gi and Chung-cheong districts increased. In the up and down situations of the “usual-subjects”, a conspicuous event has attracted many test-takers’ attention. Information & computer subject’s TO drastically increased to forty-two. Considering the fact that there had been few TOs for five years, the amount of forty-two is quite an enormous number.


  The so called major subjects, Korean, English, and mathematics, decreased TOs by big ratios. However, other subjects such as society, science, and art have extended TOs. In addition, there are some subjects of which TO consequently decreased. For example English had 678 TOs in 2014. But, it decreased to 528 last year and the amount of TO finally fell to 378 this year. It is, of course, a depressing result not only for the test takers, but other students in those majors. However, like the case of information & computer science, there would be bright changes in the following years according to the policy of the government.


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