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[Vol. 74] Dormitory has changed the policy

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  From the beginning of second semester, (September 7th~ December 12th, 2015), KNUE’s Residential Education Center (KNUE REC below) has made a big decision on the policy for some dormitories. The “voluntary” dormitories, Bok-Ji, Da-Rak, and Ji-Hye dormitory, have removed their curfew hour. Being different from many other universities’ dorms, KNUE has stuck to the curfew hour rule for so long. Though there have been a lot of gripes and complaints about the policy from the students, KNUE REC had not reacted in favor of the students’ opinions. However, from this semester, KNUE chose the alteration following the current flow of the dormitory policy. Many students who live in the “voluntary” dormitories agreed that they will become safer at night than before because they are allowed to go back to their rooms after midnight. In addition, of course, it might be because students living in the “voluntary” dormitory are juniors or seniors who study for teacher certification tests, yet, a conspicuous problem has not appeared. However, some of the students who lack etiquette sometimes make noise or take their peers from outside into the dorm improperly. In the situation that only “voluntary” dormitories try conducting a no – curfew hour rule, the feature of their lives can affect the implementation of the rule for all the dorms. As the curfew rule has been removed, junior and senior students will be prone to prefer dormitory to private house living. 


  Though the dormitory has a flaw of having two in one room, considering the side of price efficiency and convenience, it seems that living in the dorm has higher merits than private housing. When it comes to the price, living in a dormitory takes at most eight thousand won a day (the criteria is on the case of Ji-Hye Dorm which costs higher than other dorms) but people who are private housing pay ten thousand won a day. So living in a dormitory takes lower money in the long run than private housing. In addition, looking into the side of convenience, most of the dormitories are nearer to classrooms than private houses; therefore, it is quite a reasonable decision for many students to live in a dormitory.

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