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[Vol. 74] Letter from the Chief Editor

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  Violet – INDIGO’s new main color is violet. Other than writing the articles, we, INDIGO, discuss how to make INDIGO better and more attractive to KNUE students. The color is one of several discussed issues. Heretofore, there were talks of blue like the sky on a fine, clear day, yellow giving warning of safety, or many different kinds of colors including pink and brown that INDIGO has tried. When choosing one color, we make it not overlapped with the last. Why? It is not just the diversity of color itself, but because INDIGO wants to reflect different sides and different perspectives existing in our society; thus, never sticking to one. To us, The society means from our school, KNUE. to Korea, and even to the whole globe.

  On campus where everyday routine is repeated again and again, we try to pinpoint what we have passed and missed inadvertently. In the Briefing section, it is added to include INDIGO’s opinion than mere fact and data. The opinion is not from any one reporter’s point of view, but gathered from as many as possible and analyzed logically. KNUE Focus section deals with the birds living in KNUE, which may be appearing and twittering right next to us, but we have not noticed. KNUE Special is about the practicum that every KNUE student goes through, but not all the people know before bumping into this rite of passage.

  Korean society and education has taken a new turn. And, INDIGO thinks that KNUE students need more interest in the new phase as preliminary teachers who will be at the center of discussion about curriculum, as consumers and main agents of economic activity while independently earning and spending money, as well as the youth who will shoulder the future of Korea. Those roles in the country are linked to the following articles about a revised curriculum, Korean Black Friday, and an enlightened generation.

  Looking outward KNUE, Korea, and spreading throughout the world, INDIGO covers the big topic of “Diversity” through the color of violet symbolizing the diversity itself. The cover sections include the articles with diversity in academics and arts, and different views within them. The most recent issues becoming hotly controversial, such as a government-designated Korean history textbook and the singer IU’s song Zeze, are fundamentally derived from the discussion around diversity. Hope you understand the considerations that were made for such a variety.

  To top it off, there are more articles waiting for you. As one of the diverse readers of INDIGO, enjoy our diverse content and views in each article. They will touch your brain and heart in different ways, which makes variety around INDIGO!

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