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[Vol. 74] Special volunteer groups

To introduce many volunteer work not only related to education but related to other things 박주은 기자l승인2015.10.23l수정2017.11.26 19:50






  New semester begins. Some are busy with many credits and other work but some of you may look for any work to do which fill both your empty time and heart. You don't know how to start? This article will show you about volunteer union. It must help you escape the boring daily life.

  INDIGO found that three kinds of volunteer work. The first is helping to fix house, the second is helping abandoned animals and the last is abroad Nanum trip. We would get information by following Q&A

Remodeling or interior
- Jangideul volunteer group

Q1. What is mean of the ‘Jangideul?’
A.  It means technicians in Korean.

Q2. Who can participate in the group?
A. Anyone who wants to join us can participate in group. Especially People who are interested in interior work or like to work physically with many people together is suitable.

Q3. What are the things that volunteers supposed to do?
A. You may be given a role and then you have to do your work.There are many kinds of works like wall repair, drawing wall painting, linoleum, cleaning. But, you don’t have to worry about not having any techniques. Just doing work that you can do could be helpful.

For abandoned dogs.
- Korean animal protection society

Q1. How can people apply for here?
A. People who want to volunteer for us, at first, participate in facebook whole volunteer work and should receive simple education and protection information. After that, you can come here by making a schedule in advance. 

Q2. Which volunteers do you want to work with?
A. We want the one who is ardent for animal protection and who is flexible. Especially we are looking for volunteers who can speak English well. Because many foreign volunteers participate eagerly, we find the ones who can be along with them. 

Q3. Which things are volunteers can help you with?
A. The first thing you have to do is cleaning work. And people who have more experience can wash, do beauty treatment and take a walk with them.
Q4. There is any instruction for volunteers?
A. Although protection center is a place having noise of barking and bad smell, you can meet many great people with delight of saving animals. Maximum of volunteers is eight. Volunteer certificate are not issued. We allow volunteer to only adult. And unfortunately, we often cannot accept all the volunteers. So, don’t be disappointed. Maybe next time you can join us

Nanum trip
- Asian friends

Q1. Please introduce Asian friends.
A. Asian-friends is global developing NGO union registered in Ministry Of Foreign Affairs. It aimed to ‘activity by Asian, for AsianI’ to cut from absolute poverty and enjoy human life. Nanum trip is being done in 5 countries that include Mongolia, Vietnam, India,

Q2. Which things are that volunteers have to do?
A. Volunteers are supposed to visit Asian place suffered from poverty, giving and volunteering in there. And through the various cultural experiences, culture interchange, touring Aid field of global aid organization. And you would design project that help poor of nation you visit continually..

Q3. Says what you want to do
A. If you have interest in one of them above, don’t hesitate and ask for whether you can help them. And don’t forget many volunteer union waiting for you except above things. Find proper activity for you and then act now!

  For more information, you have to visit cafe.naver.com/art9999, www.koreananimals.or.kr, asianfriends.wix.com/asianfriends. All the sources of this article are above websites.

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