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[Vol. 74] Daily Prophet

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Reporter Rita Skeeter

  From 30 June 1997 to 21 July 2007, an unprecedented number of Muggles became witnesses of the little boy with a lightening scar on forehead growing up as a big hero. As time went by, some of the most deeply immersed muggles in his story even made some theories about our wizarding world. Here are some interesting points that were mentioned among them.

1. Harry Potter hallucinated everything

  Knowing our wizarding world seems to be a huge shock to Muggles. They are trying to deny our presence as a whole. They even made a theory named “Fantasy Coping theory”, which means our whole world is Potter’s imagination or dream. For instance they suppose, after all his story, that it would end up with “And Harry woke up under the tiny cupboard underneath the stairs.”. They even gave some proofs for it which is based on Muggles’ medical department(so-called Psychiatry). “Victims of abuse can escape from the brutal reality by making their own alternate imaginary world and deceive themselves as living in it,” an eminent doctor from Muggles’ world(required anonymity) said. They know about Potter’s disadvantaged childhood and regard his story as a trauma from it. But as all our beloved readers know, you are reading the Daily Prophet, the most famous and truthful paper in the wizarding world!

2. Albus Dumbledore is actually death

  Harry Potter, as one of our affective readers, showed his surprise after first hearing this theory by Muggles during the Exclusive interview with Daily Prophet(On page 8, Opinion). It’s based on the tale of the three brothers, one of the traditional tales come down for centuries. For the Muggle-born readers, here’s the simple plot.

  Three brothers were on a trip. They came upon a dangerous-looking river, but crossed it making a bridge with magic. Death lured them with presents hiding the anger. Antioch(the oldest brother) got an Elder Wand, the most powerful one in existence. Cadmus(the second brother) got a stone that can recall people from death. Ignotus Peverell(the third brother) got the Cloak of Invisibility even possible to hide from death. Antioch boasted his wand and was killed by the thief. Cadmus missed his lover who died earlier so much that he chose to kill himself. Only Ignotus evaded from Death for many years. One day, he finally gave the cloak to his son and greeted Death as an old friend.

  Some muggles are insisting that Dumbledore was the reincarnation of Death. Also You-Know-Who, Severus Snape and Harry Potter are the reincarnation of Antioch, Cadmus and Ignotus Peverell. You-Know-Who excessively longed for power but rather died by the Elder Wand. Genuine love of Severus Snape for Lily Evans finally ended up with death. Harry Potter took his cloak off at the last minute and chose to die. This theory fits well with many facts, which may give lots of readers goose pumps astonished by Muggle’s reasoning power. Albus Dumbledore got all three deathly hallows. He planned the deaths of You-Know-Who and Severus Snape. Also, according to the interview with Harry Potter(mentioned above), Dumbledore came in sight when Potter decided to die. Potter said in his interview, “He turned up in the place looking like King’s Cross. He told me “of course it is happening inside your head, Harry. But why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”” We can’t be sure whether it was just his illusion or not. But if it’s true, this theory seems to be one of the Muggle’s masterpieces including electricity and internet.

  If you take a deeper look in finding Muggle-made theories about Harry Potter and our wizarding world, you will surely be surprised. They’ve made materials about us which have impressive quantity and quality. The most astonishing thing of all is that they even know about Death Eaters whose slogan is purifying the wizarding world eliminating Muggle-borns and half-bloods created from the marriage of Muggle and wizard. They are giving all this attention and affection to our world even after knowing the existence of Death Eaters. The reason of their inapprehensible interest is mysterious yet, while it seems to be persisted for many decades ahead. There can be nobody who has stronger hatred toward Muggles above Death Eaters, which means they’ll never take their interests off from us.

  And the other theories you can read for fun are…
- Ron Weasley is a time traveler (aka Ron Weasley is Albus Dumbledore)
- Draco Malfoy is a werewolf and not a death eater (Search for “http://www.dracomalfoyisawerewolf.com/” in Muggle’s network named internet)
- Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are siblings
- The Dursleys were angry because Potter was a Horcrux
- Hufflepuff is the stoner house ( Hufflepuff as Huff le Puff)
- Ginny Weasley dosed Harry Potter with a love potion
- Muggles won the war with wizards long time ago
- Neville Longbottom wasn’t bad at magic ( He was just using the wrong wand)
- Harry Potter and Sirius Black were related by blood
- Gilderoy Lockhart got hired at Hogwarts because Dumbledore thought it would be funny
- Professor Mcgonagall is a death eater
*Referred to the Muggle(named Roma Panganiban)-written article titled “11 Intriguing (and Occasionally Crazy) Harry Potter Fan Theories”

* This article is written in viewpoint of an imaginary character, Rita Skeeter in Harry Potter. Some of the conclusions for each theories can include the reporter’s personal opinion and wish as a big fan of Harry Potter. None of the contents are directly consulted with J.K.Rowling, but based on her interview with other presses.

* This article is actually written by Reporter Kim Ji soo

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