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[Vol. 74] Rock Rocks People

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  What kind of image pops up in your mind when you think of the word "rock?" If you came up with only a minority which is too tough and wild for the public, you are missing something big. Joining a rock festival can be the best choice in escaping your mundane routine! No one there has to walk on eggshells or mind others. It doesn’t matter at all even if you are totally ignorant of rock. To demonstrate this, let’s take a look at Busan Rock Festival, which was named Busan International Rock Festival until last year, takes place every year in August. It is the oldest among the existing annual rock festivals. Know that this reporter only heard about 1 rock band, Muse, and so will lead you to Busan Rock Festival from a beginner’s view.

  There are four stages you can enjoy. All of them are attractive in different ways. The biggest stage is named Samrock.
  The majority of people come to this stage to enjoy the performance. Lots of bands performing on this stage are widely known, and you’ll be able to find some familiar faces even if you don’t know rock well. For example, YB, So Chan-whee Band, No Brain, Lee Seung-hwan, and others performed this year.
  Green stage is the second-biggest one, and you can see the performance closer here than SAMROCK stage, which is a big advantage. Busan's local musicians are the main heroes of this stage supported by Busan Music Lab. This theme accords well with one of the original goals of festival, which was to give chances to Busan musicians and let many people know them. This stage caters to die-hard fans with many bands who are famous, chiefly among fans, perform here. 
  Not only professional musicians but also ordinary citizens can participate in this festival thanks to Fringe and Cooling stages. You can see the contests for youth bands and amateur musicians titled Young Music Battle and Nineteen Minutes, Nineteen Seconds here. These events make this festival more encompassing in talent and focus. 

1.Samrock Stage

2.Green Stage

3.Fringe Stage 

4.Cooling Stage

Unique cultural aspects you need to know

  Slam is one of the most representative of rock culture. People crash themselves into others in a circle intentionally. As the festival heats up with the music, the more people join in and bigger the circle goes, but dashing into a slam zone is not the only way to join in. If you are a first-timer, it can be rather dangerous. Instead, you can join them by pushing the people who are whipping out back again into the circle, too.
  When the performance is at its climax the Wall of Death appears. People are divided into two parts and each side dashes at the other at full speed. It is similar to slam in that people find fun by crashing into others. Meanwhile, Circle Pit has common features with slam in that there is a circle comprised of people. They run in a circle fast at first, but they slow down to high-five with people outside the circle. In this case, particular attention should be paid not to fall down and get hurt.
  Like this, many aspects of rock culture look somewhat excessive and violent. However, there are some peaceful actions like Skanking, too. Here, audience members jump up and down delightfully to the lively music. Also, it wouldn’t be hard for rock beginners to partake. Get into the rhythm and leave your body. You’ll find yourself mixed with the rhythm soon.
Tips for beginners

(1) Dress code: There is no fixed rules for clothes, but dress comfortably. Jumping and running sounds natural in rock festivals, so casual clothes and sneakers are recommended. Some event goers bring raincoats and galoshes. They’re for the hero of the festival, sprinkler truck. At the climax of the performance on SAMROCK stage, several firefighters who waited for this moment spray water from the sprinkler truck. If you want to enjoy the hot atmosphere, but prefer not to be wet, prepare the raincoat and boots. They’ll protect you from the water.
(2) Personal belongings: Because the festival is in August, sun protection care products are necessary, so bring a cap, sunglasses, and sunblock lotion are the first things to prepare. Basic supplies like tissues and water should be included, too. If you’re not planning to camp there, you need a mat. You can enjoy the festival in a more relaxed manner by spreading the mat under shade.
  Do you feel the itch now craving for rocking your body? Then, you must have enjoyed this article. Don’t regard rock as minority music/cultural genre anymore and try to rock your body among those people. You can entirely be yourself putting aside day-to-day problems. Check the pamphlet during the festival and run toward your favorites! Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your best day. Occasional deviations make your life more energetic...after all, variety is the spice of life!

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