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[Vol. 74] The 5th National School Arts Education Festival held in KNUE

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  The 5th National School Arts Education Festival was held in KNUE from September 8th to 10th, and was supervised by the Education Ministry and Chungbuk Board of Education. The opening ceremony took place in Kyowon Cultural Center, beginning with the sounds of Daechwita from Chungbuk Energy High School and Jincheon Commercial High School. At least 4,168 students from 145 schools gathered to show off their talents here. The main theme of this festival was “A trip to a galaxy with twinkling stars for three days.”

  Students embracing stars of hope made a constellation together through the school arts education, and these five thousand constellations formed a dazzling galaxy in September 2015. Students performed in such live events as orchestras, musicals, and acting, while some exhibited their works of art and managed experiential booths. They not only prepared for their own performances, but also enjoyed others’ work. Through all those activities, they could feel a sense of accomplishment and be more at harmony with students from other schools. KNUE supported this festival by safety control, providing facilities, and composing student supporters consisting of KNUE students. KNUE students guided the participating students and helped them to keep in order from 9 am to 7 pm for three days, which means KNUE students also took part in building this meaningful festival up.



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