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[Vol. 74] Cheongram Athletics

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  With a lot of expectation and support from KNUE students, ‘Cheongram Atheletics’ started from September 2nd and ended October 7th on the campus. Male students participated in soccer and basketball while female students took part in kickball and dodge ball. Throughout ‘Cheongram Athletics’, KNUE students had showed the passion and eager for winning as well as sportsmanship by following rules and caring other players. Although other students did not actually play in the game, they fully enjoyed in their own ways by cheering their departments and paying big attention to this event. Many students made a voice that ‘Cheongram Athletics’ was a good chance for them to improve their health, unite together within the department and learned how to compete with sportsmanship. Primary Education department won the game of soccer while Technology Education department won the game of basketball. In the case of woman’s game, Biology Education department got the victory in Kickball while Ethical Education department won the game of Dodge ball. Uniquely, ‘Cheongram Athletics’ in this year tried to have all-star match up event. Due to lack of number of participant players of this special event, however, it was not held. It was being planned to take place after the end of ‘Cheongram athletics’ and it was planned in this way; in each sport, MVP players from each department and the students in physical department are made up of two teams and they are randomly divided into two teams. This all-star match is expected to hold next ‘Cheongram Athletics’. 

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