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[Vol. 74] Letter from the Chief Editor

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  Summer has passed and autumn is here. Autumn, the season of “high sky and fat horses,” is at its midpoint. As leaves change their color, so too is INDIGO changing in the way of delivering meaningful content. As you see this letter now on your electronic device, INDIGO has been published online since the last volume. INDIGO publishes every season online to the website “news.knue.ac.kr,” and still makes a hard copy magazine each semester. The start of the webpage publishing is derived from the little wish that KNUE students enjoy a meaningful INDIGO at anytime and anywhere, so that anyone can read easily and with necessity.

  Due to the frame of the webpage, INDIGO writes more concise articles than ever before. Every reporter writes and rewrites to make them contain clear contents to read and think over sequentially. In this volume, INDIGO put emphasis on migrants and refugees. It was a hot topic all over the world, and the world still has ongoing controversies about them. INDIGO thinks that you have to think about this problem in depth as such, INDIGO starts with the cover story about the death of a young Syrian boy who escaped from civil war in his country, and tries to figure out the position of neighboring European counties. Moreover, the cover story ends up with throwing a question of to us in Korea. Looking outwards and looking back at our country, our purposeful three cover as a whole try to hold the world together. INDIGO wants you think about how to deal with migrants or refugees as a member of society, the world.

  Other than the cover story, INDIGO includes various articles in each section related to such topics of KNUE, education, society, and culture. Filling various content from Harry Potter to social enterprises, some show the way to live better while some reflect on what we ought to think for better lives. Whether the subjects are light or heavy, they all are related to where and when we are living. However, as an old saying goes: the frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean. Out of KNUE or out of Korea, INDIGO heads beyond her borders. Sharing the eyes of INDIGO, you may have a broader view. Open your eyes and read INDIGO. “Read the world!"

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