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[Vol. 73] KNUE Residential Education Center is not an open door

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  In the previous article of KNUE Focus, Indigo wrote a letter as a body to assist the freshmen and sophomores regarding tips to successfully graduate from the KNUE Residential Education Center. In this KNUE Focus, Indigo is going to suggest some major changes that seniors will have to face commencing from the upcoming summer vacation. Unlike freshmen and sophomores, seniors had already graduated from the KNUE Residential Education Center. So, if they want to come back to the dormitory, they have to sign up and pay the dormitory fee and meals that KNUE Residential Education Center provides. Until now, it was easy for seniors to sign up for the dormitory since the KNUE Residential Education Center had signed them up as a priority because they had to prepare for the teachers' test and prepare for the teaching practicum, so the seniors didn`t have to worry much about being granted access to the dormitory. However, from this summer vacation when enrolling students for the dormitory began, seniors were not treated as the priority to come into the dormitory, but rather randomly chosen along with the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, as well as1 graduate students.


The judgement day, May 15

  On May 15, the list of the people who would be going to live in the dormitory during summer vacation was on the web page of the KNUE Residential Education Center and the list was surprising. Since so many people had signed up to live in the dormitory in the summer vacation, the KNUE Residential Education Center randomly chose the people who would be going to live in the dormitory for those who registered to live there for 10 weeks. Unlike the previous enrollment system, all students were randomly enrolled in the list and many seniors who were busy studying for the teacher`s test couldn`t get on the list. 


The change of the enrollment

  Comparing this summer vacation enrollment with the last winter vacation's system, we can see a significant difference with the KNUE Residential Education Center having a strong position against having seniors as a priority for dormitory registration. To exemplify this, it could be seen that in last winter, although there was a major dormitory remolding of all buildings, KNUE Residential Education Center had opened one building for the seniors to live in for 10 weeks as a whole, whereas other students could only live up to 5 weeks in the dormitory. Therefore, this current strong position of KNUE Residential Education Center may be inferred by the reckless mistakes that the seniors have made. For example, when seniors opened the automatic door in the dawn to come into the dormitory, KNUE Residential Education Center did not make them leave the dormitory immediately. Instead, they just gave them notices to be aware of what not to do since they had to go on their teaching practicum, and didn`t have time to rent a room to live in for the remaining semester. Thus, KNUE Residential Education Center may have thought that the seniors were taking for granted the privilege(s) they were getting and making problems.


Various Public opinions regarding this issue

  There are various opinions regarding this situation. As an example, one of the seniors from technology education said, “Although there is no rule that seniors can freely come into the dormitory as a priority, the change is too drastic. I didn`t even expect this to happen and now I have to find a place to live in starting in summer vacation which is late, hard, and painstaking.”  As such, the senior was arguing for the KNUE Residential Education Center to permit seniors into the dormitory like they have always done. However, some comments on the BBS were as follows:  “Seniors are taking the dormitory system as a privilege since the KNUE Residential Education Center has given too much favor to them until now,” or “Freshmen and sophomores also have their own reasons to stay in the dormitory and it is too harsh to just let them out,” and even “Do all the seniors pass the teachers' test when KNUE Residential Education Center provides a dormitory room for them as a priority?”  Yet, seeing this situation from an open-minded perspective, this situation is too drastic and demanding for the seniors to find a room, make a contract, move their belongings, and then move back to the dormitory in their last semester while they are preparing for the teachers' test.


  Favors should not be taken granted as privileges. However, seeing this situation from the KNUE Residential Education Center's perspective, there is no obligation for them to take seniors as a priority. Although they have regarded the seniors as a priority, some seniors made problems which may be serious enough for them to have to leave the dormitory, but KNUE Residential Education Center has to be on their side for the sole reason that it is quite demanding to let seniors out of the dormitory while preparing for the teachers' exam. As such, from this situation we, pre-service KNUE students, could think of this problem which might happen to ourselves in the future.  How would we react when trying to become teachers, but fellow students are taking our privileges? Will we keep give what the students want regardless of our stress and pain? Maybe this time, we have to be in the KNUE Residential Education Center's shoes and think what we have done and prevent the worst situations from happening.

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