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[Vol. 73] Now and Future of Student Council

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(from right the student president, the vice student president)

  Last semester, a student president and a vice president were elected. And new student council named ‘Rounding(#)’ is active now. Many things have changed since the student council was formed. Representatively compared with last year, students have more chance to participate gyohwal due to their effort. For more detail, we indigo interviewed the student president and vice president with some question.


1. What is the difference after ‘Student Council’ made?

A student president(hereinafter ‘P’): Simply speaking, when we were as ‘Urgency Measures Committee(hereinafter ‘UMC’), students’ reaction about it was usually ‘What is that?’ But after student council has emerged, student noticed it as representing school. Also, In terms of legitimacy, when we were UMC, we participated in Public appearance as ‘Undergraduate Representative’. So, there is a problem with the representation, but student council can clear the problem.
A vice president(hereinafter ‘V’): When there are no student council, no power, too. Even when contacting government and external agencies, UMC has little awareness and reliability therefore, scope of work is limited.


2. What is the work of Student council?
P: Basically, we have four department systems. A Department of Affairs takes on the task of accounting, the minutes, A Department of Planning takes on planning such as Daedongje and Monitoring team. A Department of Education takes on Gyo-hwal and Education Problem Seminar. And the Department of Promotion takes on all of promotions and SNS such as facebook page administration. In addition, there are subcommittees. University evaluation committee, Teachers' Day Competition Jury, Ceongram Encyclopedia committee, and Event participation planning team which can be participated by fellow students are currently operating or being promoted.


3. Please introduce the business and own assessment of past business.
P: First, Speaking about the Gyo-hwal, it was a lot of development as compared to the past summer. Although past summer budget was poor, this time, planning of the program, the cost has been fully expanded. Above all, I think students who have had an opportunity to be able to see back again on the goal of "teacher" was satisfied and successful. Next, Education problem seminar was significant that we opened a seminar of invited experts of educational issues. But except student council members, only 7 students participated in it. It was dissapointing that it did not attract a lot of interest to students.
V: As for Daedongje(school festival), most of student council members already experienced Saeteo. So, council members learned works. So we prepared it not to miss the details. Also, festival could colorful due to students participating actively. Usually individual booths are 2 or 3 before time. But this year individual booths were 15 booths. Actually we promoted it so we are pleased that it would be result of our effort. And we started Cheongram Encyclopedia businesses because of our needs to find information of school. We think our school is small but as seeking information, the quantity of information is a lot and homepage administration and adjusting take time. So, completion is late than expected. We made subcommittee and we have intensively endeavored.


4. What is the part that has placed the most emphasis in the future of business?
P: We put Gyohwal as the most important thing. The cost to the Gyohwal business money, including external funds is greater than budget of the entire student dues. And residents of the community have a lot of interest and give favors to our students. This summer, about 120students joined it. It will be great experience for both KNUE students and target school students. Also, as we are the only university of comprehensive teacher training across the country we get a Tuition waiver and free dormitory and meals until sophomore. We believe that it is possible to be returned to society through Gyohwal.


5. Please tell us what you want to say to students.
P: Student council not only does a welfare business but also keeps the students' rights and interests and speaks for you. Especially, about educational rights, if one says ‘I can't graduate school because I could not take teaching classes.’ Then we contact to Department of Academic affairs and find effective ways to teaching classes. Also, in university when students are ignored by university department employees we protest about it. And at here, called the Mecca of Education, we cared that how much we put our voice and how much we worry about education. So we suggest you that have an interest to society problem or education policy, and raise your voice for it.
V: As the school president mentioned, please remember that student council plays a role that speak for your rights and interests. When your rights are infringed on, if it is difficult to solve by yourself, please contact the Students' Union any time. One of our works is let you be able to get respect for your rights. And purport of our businesses is based on ‘expanding students’ rights and interests’. If you know that purport and have an interest to it, it is good for expanding your rights.


  On interview, did you feel the passion of student council? We think you would do. Student council made our school more active and favorable for us. Sure they would be sometimes far from the perfect. But as we are all KNUE students, we INDIGO suggest that we should have an interest in our student council. Please remember its main role is keeping our right-sand interests. So, why don’t we watch and cheer them?

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