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[Vol. 73] What’s Up, KNUE?

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The campaign of hanging ribbon
  Last year, on April 16th, there was a tragic and sorrowful Sewol ferry accident. To commemorate this tragedy, the student union had a ribbon campaign from April 15th to 17th in Cheongram Square. Despite the harsh rain as well as the mid-term exams, many students, faculties and even residents of this area participated in the ceremony and hung the ribbon on the “Minju Tree” which stands alone in the middle of Cheongram Square. Those ribbons were made by the members of student union. Around 450 people participated in the three-day ribbon campaign. On behalf of everyone in KNUE, the ribbons were sent
 to the victim’s families.


Cheongram Festival


 From 12th to 14th in May, Cheongram festival named “Cheong Chun”, which means spring of the people of Cheongram, was held. Unlike previous festivals, this year’s festival seems to be distinctive because “Cheong Chun” successfully stimulated the five senses of the KNUE students. Students could actually show and feel their enthusiasm during the festival. Also, they could not help but buy diverse food and drink from each department’s profit-business as the mouth-watering smell of food lingered throughout the festival. The Student union also had non-profit events such as “sharing herb” and a tattoo event. In the evening of the first day, each department’s freshmen performed in the auditorium and showed their talent by dancing and acting. On the second and the third day, KNUE students could fully enjoy various performances of each clubs and programs organized by the student union. The best part was the performance of invited singers such as ‘Mad Clown’, ‘Acoustic Kolabo’ and so on. It has been publicly agreed that the quality of invited singers this year was the best ever. After each day’s festival, the students organized by the student union patrolled to ensure the safety of the students as well as to clean up the Cheongram Square.


Teacher’s day

  On May 15th, there was a ceremony of teacher’s day in the auditorium. The president of the university, Joo Sung Kim, many professors and students participated in this event and students showed their respect and appreciation to their teachers in various ways. As a result of a survey that was conducted prior to this event, King Sejong was selected as the role model for professors and students due to his effort of educating his people with his invention of Hanguel. Thus, there was a ritual ceremony where the president and the professors performed a floral tribute to the portrait of King Sejong. And then, each department’s representatives pin the carnations on the professors’ chest. Moreover, students celebrated teacher’s day and showed their respect toward their teachers by writing an essay and making a UCC video. In the essay contest, Jung Han Baek in the department of Korean Education won the contest and read his essay where every student and professor enjoyed it as well as being touched by his story. In the UCC contest, the department of Physics Education won the contest and they fully proved why they won it by showing a well-organized video. After the ceremony, each department’s professors had lunch with the students in student’s cafeteria and they had a meaningful time together.

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