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[Vol. 73] Ahh Open Your Mouth, Please

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Mohammed Emwazi: The world knows him better as “Jihadi John,” the man who has been featured in a series of brutal ISIS execution videos. Little is the fact known that the infamous ISIS executioner was taunted and teased in high school for having bad breath. He froze up around girls, too afraid to even speak to one female classmate for whom he loved. With this in mind, maybe this caused a detrimental side effect on his mental health in the future.


What if he had a tongue scraper instead of a brutal murder weapon? Not only the assassin, but also we all would need tongue scrapers to avoid bad breath. A tongue scraper is an oral hygiene device designed to clean the bacterial build-up from the surface of the tongue. It, bacteria, may account for 80 to 95 percent of all cases of bad breath. Using tongue cleaners on a daily basis has a significant effect on eliminating bacteria and decreasing oral malodor. This is because a majority of cases of halitosis, or bad breath, originate on the back of the tongue, which is an area that can be cleaned efficiently by using a biotechnologically designed tongue cleaner.


While reading the aforementioned suggestion, some of you may still think you don’t need tongue scraper. Then, let’s self diagnose your bad breath. Check which statement applies to you.


  1. Your mouth does not feel fresh even right after brushing teeth.
  2. You like flour-based foods or greasy foods and often eat them.
  3. You have a meal at different times each day.
  4. You have dry heaves when brushing teeth.
  5. You have bloodshot eyes and your eyes dry out easily.
  6. Your runny nose often drips down the back of your throat.
  7. You feel exhausted even after taking a good rest.
  8. You have a lot of stress and you are very sensitive.
  9. You have tried excessive dieting before.
  10. Your tongue is coated.
  11. Your mouth feels as dry as a bone.
  12. You often have a bloated stomach.
  13. You smoke and drink a lot.
  14. You often have a burning feeling in your stomach and have acid reflux at times.
  15. You often have constipation and/or diarrhea.
  16. You often skip breakfast.
  17. You get stomatitis repeatedly.


Don’t worry if you check three or less, andfour to thirteen is not bad. But, if more than thirteen are checked, it means that you may have a jungle mouth that might have a bad influence on personal relations, so please keep reading it carefully and figure out which factor gives you bad breath.


Of course, in most cases an oral problem itself comes first. When you have dry mouth, saliva is not produced enough to clean inside of mouth. Then, the tongue becomes coated white. Plus, deposits of plaque are built up, which broadens gaps between teeth and encourages bacteria to breed. Thus, it causes unpleasant odor(s). This can be solved with a tongue scraper as introduced above. But, it’s not all. Your inner body problems may cause bad breath. When you have gastric fever (your stomach inside has a fever) and it makes your whole body burn up with fever, the inner body gets unclean and the bad wastes inside turns into bad breath. Or, when your tonsil(s) (collections of tissue facing into respiration and digestion organs) gets an infection, slop and bacteria stay there, just decaying and stinking all over the uneven tracts. However, above all things, being mentally healthy is the number one priority. Being mentally unfit, everything is thrown out of balance. Therefore, everything as well as bad breath will suffer.


You must know  “Shrek”, the green ogre who loves the solitude in the swamp. He always enjoys eating bugs in this swamp, and his foul breath stinks all around him. But except for Fiona, his princess, she loves even his bad breath. Shrek and Fiona share a true love that transcends their outer covering. However, in reality, even your true love doesn’t want your bad breath at all. Bad breath is one of the signals that your body sends to let you know that there are some problems. Not only in your mouth, but in your whole body and daily life habit! Moreover, it could be another signal that your lover wants you to know your mouth odor indirectly – by showing you to read or tagging this article in SNS. Don’t forget to get your tongue scraper,  and notice the sign and be healthier physically and mentally as well.


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