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[Vol. 73] A Letter From the Direction Committee

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What was the first thing that you did in KNUE? Listening to lectures or meeting your colleagues? Of course not! The first thing you did was coming in to the dormitory. Maybe your parents are happy that you got free dormitory and meals for two years. But you have to know that there is no such thing as "free." Considering that our seniors had to wake up every morning and get roll call by running the school yard, you are definitely living in the dormitory comfortably. If you can`t understand the book of KNUE Residential Education Center or too afraid to ask us, read this letter. It gives you lots KNUE Residential Education Center survival tips.


First year students, do you understand everything that is written on the pamphlet? To be honest, I didn`t even look at the pamphlet when I was a freshmen. Here is a tip for all of you to get 60 points before this semester. Since this year, there are only 3 special lectures, and you have to attend all of them. Now you have 30 points. For the remaining 30 points, you can get 20 points for attending the orientation during the semester. So if you don`t want to attend any of the activities that give you points, just go to the local Daycare center and do volunteer work for 5 hours! However in the second semester, there is no orientation. You can do only up to 10 hours of volunteer work to get points. How about the remaining 10 points? Listen carefully to the announcement from us, and participate in activities that you are interested in. Remaining 6 points are covered by the volunteer work that we asked you to do.


You might be concerned about the penalty points. As the direction committee, I have made a list of top three penalty points. Number 3 is smoking. You cannot smoke in anywhere of the building including the rooftop! Many students say they didn`t know but smoking has no exceptions. Number 2 is coming in to the dormitory between 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. Some students come in on the weekend and say they thought they could come in since staying out is free on weekends. However, there are no exceptions including weekends. If you have the guts to come in, we can catch you and your friends with our CCTV and wide cameras. Finally number 1 is staying out without notice. All of you think it is foolish to forget to write it down but someday, you might find yourself screaming with frustration. Also, if you were sleeping and didn`t respond to our roll call, it`s your fault. If you want to sleep, then ask your roommate or neighbors to let us know that you are sleeping. What are friends for?


All you have to do to survive the KNUE Residential Education Center is to fill 60 points and do not get more than the 15 penalty points. We are not eager to fail you. We want all of you to pass without penalty points and come back to the dormitory when you want to in your third or fourth year in KUNE. Before I finish this letter, I want to tell you that you don`t need to be afraid of us. Ask whatever you have in mind or ask for help when you are in trouble. Remember all the tips I gave you and keep in mind, there is no such thing as "free." If you think everything is free and live freely, all you get is penalty points and notice to leave the dormitory.

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