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[Vol. 73] Let Your Life Begin Again

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A new semester has begun. Everyone seems to have a busy, hectic life in this modern world. When you are totally exhausted by repeated daily routines, an escape from it would be necessary, but can you clear all of your tasks and duties out of your mind fully? Can you really enjoy travel with all the things left to accomplish? Realistically, the only things that are allowed for us are trivial deviations, such as listening to music or watching some movies. Combining the both would be a nice way to spice up your boring  life as they make great synergy when they're combined. It's called "musical film."


Musical films cover life related to music or begin from music. They dig out an untapped field that images alone can't embrace. Music makes people sink into the content, but musical films are different from movies with good OSTs. This is due to characters being (usually) self-aware of music in musical films. They sing the song directly, dance, or play some instruments while characters in normal movies don't know whether background music is played or not. But, it doesn't look abnormal at all although they sing and dance during the movie's running time. They naturally melt into the original storyline of the movie. Like the famous songwriter John Cage said, "Music isn't a thing that you and I listen to. It just 'happens'."


This reporter will introduce a recommendable musical film that many of you can sympathize with from now on. Here is a great movie with touching songs, which will let you temporarily escape from huge piles of assignments.

 "So, this is a new song for anyone who's ever been alone in the city."

So you find yourself at this subway

With your world in a bag by your side

And all at once it seemed like a good way

You realized it's the end of your life

For what it's worth


Straining ears to listen to Gretta's plain voice gazing the raindrops out of the window, suddenly self-awareness of being alone pops up.  Endless repeated daily routines would put more burdens on ones self; and, although you can't escape facing these emotional floods some days, you can choose to enjoy it if you are with Dan and Greta. Music holds the central place in this whole movie through love for family, sorrow for breakup, and even everyday life are reflected in music. When Dan and Greta listen to the same music via a Y jack connection to an MP3 player and going around here and there, suddenly all the banalities turn into beautiful pearls. And now here's a question, "Can a song save your life?" The answer that this movie gives you would definitely reply with a "yes." Actually, that's the original title of the movie! Dan took his job and family back. Greta released her album successfully. But the most important thing is that both of them got their dream back, which makes their hearts beat. This movie, Begin Again, will let all the lost stars light up the dark.


Are you enduring the sorrow of parting like Greta had? Are you dealing with your family problems like when Dan did? Whatever you are concerned about, turn your head and take a look at them. In spite of all the hardships they went through, they all became happy at the very end of the movie! Of course, you will say, "That's because they are the main characters of it!" Then, how about you? You are the only and special hero (or heroine) where you are the main character of the movie named Life. All the things you are going through are just some obstacles to ultimate success! Now straighten your shoulders and take a step forward. A shiny, happy ending is waiting for you.

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