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[Vol. 73] Letter from the Chief Editor

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You are probably wondering why INDIGO is not in paper format , but in a newly designed webpage you’ve yet to see.  I am proud to announce that INDIGO, along with the Korean newspaper, is officially going "smart." From now on, KNUE students can access INDIGO via the Internet and paper as a magazine. We are always working hard to deliver the latest news and information that the members of KNUE require, and I as well as other reporters of INDIGO, hope that this new and smarter version of INDIGO will be loved by all members of KNUE, students and faculties alike.

Staying on the topic of "smart," it seems that INDIGO is not the only thing that’s going smart nowadays. Aside from all the "smart" phones, there are "smart" heating systems, "smart" car keys, and now they’re coming out with :smart: watches that can function as a credit card, cell phone, and even a GPS-based navigation system, so even INDIGO is now going smart. Education is no exception to this trend. It is not unusual to see students use tablet PCs during class, and the traditional chalk and marker boards are slowly turning into "smart" boards that can actually function as a small computer. Many experts are saying that the paper textbooks will soon be replaced by their electronic counterpart, and "smart" devices will take over the classroom, thus creating a ubiquitous learning environment.

This trend is often called by the general public as "smart education," and it is safe to say that it has already begun and the related change is speeding up as we speak. Then, as students of KNUE who hope to become teachers someday, are we ready for it? Are we prepared to embrace the change and adapt it in our future classroom(s)? Is the introduction of "smart" devices to be the end, or will it incorporate other features such as learning how to make effective use of computers and "smart" devices? There are many questions left unanswered that must be answered. In this edition of INDIGO, we have looked into the world of smart education, in order to ascertain what smart education is exactly, what the current status is, and finally to introduce other aspects of smart education that few people know about in depth. We hope that the articles we’ve prepared will be of guidance in getting a better understanding of the so called smart education.

There is an old saying that is apropos:  If you cannot fight it, embrace it. Digitalization, or simply put, everything going "smart," is not something you can fight to reverse. On the contrary, this could open a new chapter in education itself, if we understand what it is, and think of how we can use it to our advantage. Being smart, in this sense, should be applied to us as well.

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