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[Vol. 71] 50 days in Gaza, to be a true winner in the WAR

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"I can't stop crying. I might die tonight." A girl named Farah Baker  cried out on  Twitter and had created a great sensation all over the world. The girl who disclosed that she is a 16-year-old in Gaza said, “Since I was born I have survived 3 wars and I think this is enough.” And through this, she appealed to people all over the world. This had made 100,000 people follow her tweets. When would the day she had strongly wished come?

 Fortunately, several days later, it seemed that her wish came true. Israel and Hamas  reached a cease-fire agreement. Not only the girl, but every resident in Gaza shouted for joy of the suspension of the conflict. They were thankful for the fact that they finally escaped from the state of “no one can know when they would die.” However, the relief would not be forever. Israel and Hamas declared that they won the fighting and this has hidden hints that the war will continue. Then, in this situation, who is the true winner? Before then, how can we define the "winner" of a war? Finally, are there any ways that the both of them could win the war?

The start of the tragedy

The formal reason for this particular tragedy started from the kidnapping of the three Israel boys on June 13th. The Israel indicted Hamas as the main body of the criminal act and one Palestinian boy was found dead after that day. The Israel then made an air raid on July 8th and this was the start of the conflict.  The fighting lasted for 50 days and had killed about 2,140 people in Gaza and the Gaza was completely ruined. It may seem the start of the war is trivial compared to the sacrifice of too many people.

bloody fifty days in Gaza, and misunderstanding

Every day in Gaza the news that people were killed by a bomb is announced on TV. Too many people are completely not concerned with the war. Several numbers below shows the many aspects of the situations. Seriously, it can’t be defined as a "war." The Israeli completely overwhelmed Hamas on the surface. The electricity and the water in Gaza were perfectly controlled by the Israel and every road from Gaza was blocked like a jail. In addition, the tremendous missile attack was so powerful that Hamas can’t do anything to be against it.

Although Hamas is only a lawful government in Gaza that is voted in by the people and has responsibility to be a leader, Israel has not approved the existence of Hamas. Because Hamas has taken up arms for years against Israel and attacking her, it is just defined as a terrorist group in some western countries. Of course, it is not for Hamas, but it is the true fact that objectively Israel has attacked and controlled Gaza as a strong power. During this conflict, Israel indiscriminately attacked Gaza and what is worse, some schools operated by the UN, and that everyone had believed were really safe, were attacked during Israeli air raids. It caused many women and children casualties in Gaza. It started from the sacrifice of the three Israel people. But, it resulted in the sacrifice of 2209 people totally. What this war is for?

 The true winner of the war

At the end of the war, each opponent declared their winning of the war. How can we define the “winner” in the war? You may think the Israel won the game because many residents in Gaza were killed and the damage of the war seems trivial outwardly in Israel compared to Gaza. Many journals did not think, however, they made a conclusion that the true winner of the war was Hamas. Even some journals in Israel like Jerusalem Post said, “There was a tremendous mistake that Israel approved Hamas as the body of negotiation and it means Israel accepted Hamas’s old wish.” Also, because economically, Israel had great damage; thus,it is one of the reasons that the Israel may have failed in this war. According to the Wall Street Journal, Israel lost at least $5,600,000 in the tour profit.  This accounts for 7% of all economy of Israel. And on July 27th, the Huffington Post said, “Hamas won the game closely 1 : 0.”

Then, as many journals said, should we put Hamas’s hands up? In conclusion, both of them are truly losers. They could not get any important things compared to their loss. Although they approved of some lists generally there are still many items that need to be approved.  For example,  Israel wants the demilitarization of Gaza and Hamas wants the release of some prisoners in Israel.

 What was left after the war?

The war is not over. It is just taking a break. All of a sudden, the air raid can be made and the tragedy will start again. Hamas said that this is for survival of the Gaza and Israel said that this is for the protection of their people. Then, can the residents of Gaza and the Israel people could be happier and safer than before? There is nothing left but painful memories. They lost their precious people, and only worry and sadness will remain in their hearts.

 ‘Salam and Shalom’ – for the peace

The human race has made mistakes in its long history. Following that, this war has been repeated for a long time. The only thing that can make it stop is their true attitude for peace. If one of them started giving up one thing, the peace can be started as their languages tell us. Both the word salam in Arabic and the word shalom in Hebrew means peace. Only one spelling of the words is different and the root of the word is the same. Both Arab and Israel people know the meaning of them well. In today’s situation, it took 50 days to understand them. Of course, they could not understand them clearly. Many things such as religion, race, and culture are different from each other, but their most precious value, each religion says the importance of keeping the peace and understanding the others. There is a lot of room for peace. Of course, active international help is needed. Before attacking, all of the countries should think more what they are willing to do and choose what is more valuable between war and peace. As such, in the first one, both of them will die, but in the second, all of them can be alive.

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