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[Vol.82] Invisible Hierarchy Under Our Society

우리 사회 속 실체 없이 존재하는 신분제도 문효연, 한지은 기자l승인2019.11.29






 Do you think the hierarchy exists in our society? The caste system was abolished a long time ago, but many people in our nation believe that there exists an invisible hierarchy in our society. The recent controversy over education cartels, various cases of power abuse, and the words "silver spoon and scrapper" or "Gapjil" further strengthen this belief. In response, many people protest to make it an issue, leading the ‘top-class cartel’ and ‘power abuse’ to be considered as serious problems. Thus, these cover stories will look deep into these severe social problems, ‘top-class cartel’ and ‘power abuse’, and call for the attention of people to prevent them.

문효연, 한지은 기자  hanjieun124-@naver.com
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