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[Vol.82] Do you know 'Wednesday Culture Class' in KNUE?

‘수요문화강좌’에서 시작하는 인문학으로의 첫걸음 최문주 기자l승인2019.11.29






 Have you ever heard about 'Wednesday Culture Class'? 

 KNUE students have difficulty in going somewhere to take part in lectures to build up knowledge. However, KNUE has a 'Wednesday Culture Class' program, which offers lectures by the nation's top-notch experts on a variety of topics, including culture, arts, and history. 

 It is an educational program being held at KNUE educational museum, but most are not aware of it, due to its poor promotion. Why don't you learn about 'Wednesday Culture Class' that can satisfy the intellectual curiosity and help improve the cultural understanding?

 ‘Wednesday Culture Class' is an annual course being held at KNUE educational museum, and marks its 9th anniversary this year. Every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., there are lectures with the theme of a year at the auditorium of the KNUE educational museum for six weeks.

 The Wednesday Culture Class is divided into six detailed subjects based on the large themes of the entire course. Wednesday Culture Class can be applied in person, or through Internet web-site(museum.knue.ac.kr). Such rich and high-quality lectures can be enjoyed free of charge, and local residents as well as undergraduates can freely apply and take part in.

 Subjects of the lecture which determined differently every year reflects on the needs of the members. First of all, the museum conducts a preliminary survey on whether there are any topics they want to hear from the previous participants, volunteers, and members of the educational museum. The theme of the year is selected depending on the social atmosphere and the availability of the speaker's participation. The main theme and sub-themes are set in considering the level and suitability of lecturers after repeated meetings within the education museum. The Wednesday Culture Class, which has been continuing since 2011, had covered topics as a flavor of our ancestors, art and life of the Asian region, Western culture history and culture of North Korea. This year's Wednesday Culture Class, which ran under the theme of "Joseon" from Oct. 16 to Nov. 20, consisted of lectures on how to view law and criminal law, the Hunminjeongeum script, investigation techniques and forensic medicine, and science technology from the Joseon era.

 Yoo-Ji-Hye (Dept. of Ed.) who has been applying for classes during three consecutive sessions said, “After seeing the poster, I found out that lectures about Joseon are being held, so I participated in it constantly. It is meaningful to learn not only the basic common sense but also other things that cannot be easily known, such as murder cases, which can be found in private records. It's so nice to take part in such high-quality classes for free on campus. Unfortunately, most of the fellow students do not know well.”

 KNUE educational museum's director said, “I feel sorry to see campus students do not visit the cultural institutions that represent the area in the nearest place. If there are active participation and demand from students, the educational museum can carry out a variety of projects to reflect that.” and emphasized that various educational events held at the school's educational museum require constant attention and affection from our students.                                   Why don't we actively participate and continue our interest in various educational events held in KNUE educational museum?

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