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[Vol.82] Are You Satisfied with Course Registration?

한 학기를 결정하는 수강신청, 만족하시나요? 문효연 기자l승인2019.11.29






 Have you ever mobilized more than three electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers when trying to enroll in courses? You might have seen plenty of posts about class trade uploaded on Cheongram Square. As school life of each semester depends on the result of course registration, students give significant attention to it. More than a year has passed since the registration system changed. How is enrollment now conducted and what do KNUE students think about it?

 Course registration is conducted in order of a sample course registration, the enrollment shopping cart system, and the real course registration. Students can select preferred courses and later enroll in those on the day of course registration.

 Here, the graph shows what KNUE students think about the course registration. The reason why they chose ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘both’ is various: limited number of students available for some courses, low efficiency in enrollment shopping cart system, unstable server, and unfairness of simultaneous login. The most common complaint is that they cannot enroll in required major courses due to the limited number of students for the class. It is followed by the inefficiency of the enrollment shopping cart: they think that it is ineffective because they cannot know how many students registered for the course, cannot enroll in the lessons together which are taken at the same time or are divided.

 Several universities are looking for solutions to reduce the students’ complaints. Yonsei University operates a ‘Mileage System’, which allows them to distribute the given points to each course and take lessons in the order of students who put more points in each class. KAIST uses the lottery system in case the courses are full. Then what do KNUE students suggest for improving the enrollment system? In a survey, most of the students propose improving the enrollment shopping cart system. They suggest that it should be possible to enroll in divided classes or lectures taken at the same time together. Also, it is suggested that the system should show the number of students who registered the course and should not have limitations on the maximum number of credits that they can enroll in. Besides, the way for reducing complaints about the limited number of students for the class is suggested. While using the enrollment shopping cart system, if the course is not full, the registration would be conducted with no real enrollment. If it becomes full, adjustment with the professors is conducted, and only in the case the adjustment to extend the courses fails, students are supposed to do rapid mouse clicks. Besides, some propose prohibiting simultaneous logins, the extension of server traffic, introducing lottery system or mileage system and so on.

 Whenever course registration is conducted, complaints and demands about improvement are presented. Yun Eo-jin (sophomore, Dept. of English Ed.) said, “I am quite satisfied with the course enrollment, but it would be much better to improve it in several ways. I hope the enrollment will satisfy more students by adding search functions to find subjects under certain conditions or improving the enrollment shopping cart system.” As course registration determines the daily lives of the upcoming semester, how about expecting an improved version of class registration based on the various opinions from KNUE students?


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