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[Vol.82] Prohibition of Bar Code in the Dormitory Cafeteria

계속된 식권 매매 및 양도에 대한 사도교양교육원의 제재, 바코드사용금지 한지은 기자l승인2019.11.29






 In February, the head of Pestalozzi Academy posted writing in Cheongram Square titled, "We prohibit the transfer, copying, trading of cafeteria bar codes and any attempts to do so." However, as such behavior continued afterward, Pestalozzi Academy recently banned the use of bar codes and replaced them with the use of student identification cards.

 According to the regulations on Pestalozzi Academy, students who enter the dormitory will be imposed eight penalty points if they are caught once, and if they are caught twice, they will be resigned. Those who wish to enter the dormitory for the next semester will be applied to rule according to penalty points. Those who do not enter the dormitory for the next semester will be banned from using the cafeteria for the next regular semester. Those who do not enter the dormitory will be banned from using restaurants until the next regular semester if caught once. Among them, students who wish to enter the dormitory will be given a low rank.

 As a reason for banning the trading of a meal ticket, the Pestalozzi Academy said, 'It does not simply include the meaning of 1,200 won per meal,  but includes the meaning of support fund of nation and reduction of the price of meals making through joint purchase work.'

 Opinions among students seem to be divided. Some feel that they do not feel uncomfortable about the restrictions and others claim that they feel uncomfortable since they have to carry their students ID due to poor fingerprint recognition.


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