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[Vol.82] Letter from the Chief Editor

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 Unlike some societies in the past when the hierarchy was taken for granted, people now form relationships through numerous interactions between all human beings on equal footing. Nevertheless, the residue of a completely undiminished hierarchy is causing side effects, which are the upper-class cartel and power abuse. Today, rather than adapting to these unjust side effects, members of society are making efforts to pose problems and solve them systematically and socially through various means. You will be able to find out the methods in detail through the cover story.

 In addition to the cover story, we have dealt with hot issues in various fields. Don't you dream to be a teacher who is also a YouTuber? Then, you need to pay attention to the Education section. Along with the cases of current teachers, relevant laws will also be shown. Furthermore, it is expected that most of the readers will enjoy Netflix as a hobby or for killing-time. We also checked the OTT media service represented by Netflix. Would not the Culture section be interesting, too? There are so many other interesting articles we would like to recommend, and the last one is a Column article about KATUSA experience. Some of you may be interested in KATUSA or will be looking for information. It is organized in the form of questions and answers from students in our school, so you can get useful information about KATUSA.

 Simple explanations above will make you interested in this issue of INDIGO. In the hope that this interest will be kept, we prepared quizzes related to some articles. We would be grateful if you would read the articles carefully and send us warm tingling words about INDIGO with the answers. Through this Fall & Winter 82, we want this to be an opportunity to learn about the interesting stories of the world, including those around us, along with a lot of information that will help your lives at KNUE. We sincerely hope that INDIGO can be like a warm embrace that melts your heart in this freezing winter.


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