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[Vol. 81]Still a Long Way to Complete ‘Library of the Future’

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  They are the titles of the postings that have been uploaded on Cheongram Square’s ‘Waiting for the Morning Sun’ since the opening of future library on October 26. Although students have given favorable reviews so far, experiencing new facilities and various learning environments in future library, criticisms have also been raised about the problems caused after the opening.


  Soon after the library was opened, there has been controversy regarding the place for using laptops. Students can study at information commons, creative reading rooms, and other library rooms from the third to sixth floor. However, there was no clear explanation and standard about which place laptop are allowed for typing, leading to some confrontations. Currently, the standards designating information commons and C-room in creative reading room as available places for typing were established but some students do not comply with or do not know about them yet.

  Problems related to ‘group study room’, one of the newly created facilities, have also been raised. The number of group study room is relatively insufficient for students' needs. There are five rooms available for two to four people, one for three to five people, and four for six to twelve people. The two to five people room where most students want to use are usually booked all day. As a result, some students rent other student’s student number to reserve rooms for a larger number of people than the number studying together, which are relatively less booked. Even a post uploaded in Cheongram Square said that a student could not use the study room because of a person who reserved the room using his or her student number without permission. Problems also arise in terms of use of the study room. There are often students who leave without proper maintenance, such throwing trash on the floor or erasing the blackboard they used. Also, some say that the rooms are not well insulated against noise and that if people make noise excessively in the room, students who study in the creative reading room, which is near the group study room, suffer from it.

  Furthermore, the structure of future library is criticized for its ineffectiveness. A lot of people study at the information commons using a computer, but as it is located next to the lobby and healing café, people get exposed to noise. Also, as the creative reading room is not separated from the corridor, people studying there express dissatisfaction about the noise. However, some refuted that if a quiet place to study is needed, they can use a reading room at the old library, leading the controversy to persist.


  The library currently takes actions to suspend utilization for a certain period of time when the users violate the rules. However, some disgruntled postings in Cheongram Square show that it does not work well. Kim Mi-suk, a director of the library, said “We expect that the current structural problems will be solved through the remodeling of the old library which will be conducted from July 2019. It will include the establishment of ‘intensive reading room’ that is not exposed to noise. Also, problems related to students' immature attitudes are guided through promotional materials and notices at the library’s web site. We would appreciate your cooperation to prevent inconvenience to other users.”


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