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[Vol. 81]The 68th Regular Concert of Music Education

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  This May, the Department of Music Education in KNUE held its 68th regular concert. This regular concert consisted of 8 pieces, including 7 piano performances and one vocal performance.


  According to one music education student, this regular performance had more high-class solo piano than before. If you look at the pamphlet of this regular performance, interestingly, three of the seven pianists chose songs of Franz Liszt.


  Franz Liszt, a Hungarian composer, and pianist is known as the king of pianists, the god of piano, and the Paganini of the piano. Also, he is regarded as a genius pianist making the greatest achievement in piano history. He is known for his fraudulent piano technique to pianists and piano majors. Among the songs composed by Liszt, ‘Transcendental Etudes’ was one released under the title of ‘Grande Etudes’ when he was 15 years old, but the public criticized it because it is too difficult to play for practice. Etudes is a pieces for practicing piano. So, he republished it in the name of ‘Transcendental Etudes’. Still, many people are astonished in the difficulty of playing and selected this song as one of the world's top three most difficult pieces to play. French composer Louis Hector Berlioz said, "Liszt composed this music only for himself." In this regular performance, they play three songs of Liszt.

  One of the most impressive stages at this concert was the Four Piece Suite for Two Pianos by R.R.Bennett. It was the only song played by a duet among the seven piano pieces. It was very impressive in that they exchanged the flow of the songs perfectly. I got goose bumps when the song stopped and started at the same time. The interview with Kim Young-eun and Kim Yoo-Kyung, who played the song, is as followed.


Q1. Timing is the most important thing in a piano duet. What did you put in the effort during the practice to work with each other?

A. The duet song, however much we practice individually, has to be less perfect if we don't practice together. We practiced playing together breathing and staring at each other. We think we were able to work together easily since we've been together for a year.


Q2. The style of your song is different from the other piano pieces at the regular concert. What part did you focus on when you played the piano?

A. This piece is a collection of four songs. So we tried our best to create the characteristics of each song. In the first song, we tried to express the mood of samba and the sadness at the same time, and the second song, we tried to control the tempo playing at a slow pace for atmosphere of country blues, but not to be boring. For the third song, we focused more on our solo parts to create an improvising jazz atmosphere. The fourth song, each other's breathing was the most important, so we matched it a lot.


  You can check out these performances through the attached QR code. For students who are tired of their assignments and studying, listening to the regular concert of the music education department seems to have been a good way to relax. It will be good to appreciate next regular concert with your friend or your lover.








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