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[Vol. 81]Valuable Property of Korean People, Taegeukgi

교육박물관에서 만날 수 있는 우리의 보물: ‘대한, 태극기’ 특별 전시 전은진 기자l승인2019.06.04l수정2019.06.04 10:33







Do you know what the first Taegeukgi is? You will get the answer from the ‘Daehan, Taegeukgi’ special exhibition!


  KNUE Educational Museum recently opened ‘Daehan, Taegeukgi’, a special exhibition including ‘Flags of Maritime Nations’ in the planned exhibition hall. It goes on for 100 days from March 1 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 3.1 Independence Movement. INDIGO would like to look at why this booklet is so important as to be in a special exhibition. In addition, you will be able to think about the spirit of the movement and the value of Korea through the various images of Taegeukgi, which shared the ups and downs of history.

  ‘Daehan, Taegeukgi’ special exhibition is divided into three parts. In the first part of ‘The day, Taeguekgi’, you can think of Korea’s history and meaning of the Taeguekgi through the process from its birth to that day of history with the public. The first part includes the booklet ‘Flags of Maritime Nations’, which is recognized as an official record containing the prototype of the oldest Taegeukgi. Although existing theories about the original use of Taegeukgi, which include a theory that it was made by Park Yeong-hyo and was created by King Gojong, said Taegeukgi was used in October 1882, the publication date of ‘Flags of Maritime Nations’ that has the image of Taegeukgi was two months earlier than theories mentioned above, which was reported by a media in 2015. Therefore, it can be said that ‘Flags of Maritime Nations’ has the meaning of Taegeukgi history.

  The second part, ‘Fluttering Taegeukgi,’ is a place where you can see the shape of a flag among the variously utilized images of Taegeukgi. In addition, it introduces a variety of Taegeukgi, which shows the phases of the times in those days.

  In the third part, ‘Taegeukgi Next to Us’, you can meet a variety of products with the Taegeukgi symbol painted. That's why it is possible to approach Taegeukgi familiarly. This exhibition, which was divided into three parts as mentioned above, deals with the history from the 1880s when emerged the existence of national flag to 1910s (Japanese colonial era) when appeared many independence movements, Declaration of Independence.

  Kang Jeong-min, curator at KNUE Educational Museum who managed everything of the special exhibition said, “After the flag with the Taegeuk mark and the four trigrams was used as a national symbol in 1882, Taegeukgi was established as a symbol of Korea. Since then, Taegeukgi has been a symbol of the independence movement and national defense. That is why people have cherished the flag, including their firm determination and earnest desire. Although Taegeukgi is different from each other and does not fit the flag drafting technique, we can think of the sincere meaning of Taegeukgi through the hearts of countless people in it. Through this exhibition, I hope you can think about what Taegeukgi means to you."

  Why don't you check out 'Daehan, Taegeukgi’ special exhibition as a KNUE student who can reflect on the value of the Taegeukgi which has preserved historical light? In addition to the exhibition, you will also be able to see the Korean Education History Hall, Education Theme Hall, Education Experience Hall, and School History Hall as a permanent display.

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