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[Vol.81]How Is Construction of the Fine Arts Building and Gymnasium Ongoing?

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  Currently, the Fine Arts Building and Gymnasium are progressing rebuilding constructions of safety facility. Both buildings are mainly built on the construction of vertical expansion after the demolition of long-used prefabricated buildings on top of the building. It made a load of buildings increase, so structural and earthquake-proof construction are also carried out. Additionally, the installation of heating and cooling equipment and interior repair works are progressed.

  The second part of construction of the two buildings is the installation of facilities for the disabled. Both buildings will set up toilets for the disabled, and in addition to the gymnasium, elevators, Braille blocks and a slope way will be installed.

  The scheduled date for the completion of total construction is July 7. Department of Facilities Management said the vertical extension, which had been scheduled to be built by the end of February, will be completed in late May due to delays in the purchase of heating and cooling equipment.

  Students of the Department of Fine Arts Edu. and Department of Physical Edu., who previously studied in buildings currently under construction, need particular places or tools for classes. Therefore, Department of Fine Arts Edu. studies in the old library, and Department of Physical Edu. uses exercise room of welfare center, unused space of Faculty Lounge, Education Research Center. Applied Sciences Building, which will be constructed during summer vacation, will also move its offices to the old library as Department of Fine Arts Edu. did. Also, Faculty Lounge, Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (R.O.C.T.) and Dormitory cafeteria are scheduled to be constructed this year.

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