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[Vol.81]The 2nd KNUE E-Sports Competition

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On May 3, the 2019 Cheongram E-Sports Competition was held. There were in a total of five events: League of Legends, Overwatch, StarCraft, FIFA Online and Kartrider. Unlike last year, the Cheongram E-Sports Competition has replaced Battleground and Hearthstone to FIFA Online and Kartrider due to the low demand in the pre-competition demand survey.


The Cheongram e-sports competition was broadcast live as it was last year, however, there was a difference in the broadcasting platform. Last year, it was broadcasted on Twitch, a video broadcasting platform service, and this year, it was delivered through the game screen and commentary on YouTube.


Meanwhile, the team 'Yellow Gloves' of Kartrider applied for the competition but were unable to participate officially due to the errors occurred in the process of collecting. As compensation, an unplanned event match was played. ‘KNUE PRIME’ team, which is the runner-up in the KartRider competition, gratefully accepted the match. As a result, ‘Yellow Gloves’ won a landslide victory of 3:0 in both the speed and item race. The ‘Yellow Gloves’ team that proposed an event match and the ‘KNUE PRIME’ team that participated in the sudden event match both showed mature attitude as KNUE students.


Currently, the competition is only left with the League of Legends final, and all the matches and commentary that have been carried out so far is uploaded at the Student Council YouTube channel. You can access to the YouTube channel through the following QR code.       





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