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[Vol. 80] Slow is the New Fast

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  These days we are living in a world in which a simple touch of the screen can bring instant results: same-day delivery of a product, latest news and gossip, and the answers to your curiosities. In our modern world, waiting for something seems to be a thing of the past. But is this "fast" culture truly making our lives better? What are we giving up in exchange for such instant gratification?


  Unfortunately, the psychological effects of this endless sense of urgency are detrimental. Just a few days ago, I saw a news story that was utterly disturbing. A male customer threw a bag of hamburgers at a female drive-thru worker because she had gotten the orders mixed up. When he was questioned later, he made an excuse by saying that he had been overstressed at work. Considering that he chose the drive-thru hamburger for his lunch, it is likely that he was in a hurry. He was in such a hurry that anything that causes him to delay his schedule was unacceptable. His body reacted to this unexpected delay by means of rage and aggression. Road rage is another result caused by the malignant growth of the fast culture. There is nothing more dangerous than a person fully charged with aggression getting behind the wheel. Any car getting in the wayof a driver in a hurry becomes the target of the driver's rage. In American Mania, the author, Peter Whybrow, claims that we are being pushed to our physical and psychological limits because we are under "acute time pressure." In a way, then, haste is a form of violence.


  Cecile Andrews, the author of Slow is Beautiful, suggests that our fast culture needs a "slow transfusion." The "slow" I am referring to is not related to procrastination. It is more about understanding the need and the benefits of doing things at a slower pace. Festina lente, a Latin proverb which means "hurry slowly", advices us to proceed expeditiously but prudently. When something is done in haste, mistakes are bound to occur and eventually has to be done over again. So, taking things slowly and in one step at a time actually saves time.


  The more our society becomes advanced, the more we are going to be pressed for time. Finding our own pacemaker seems to be a must-have survival kit that will allow us to stay within the eye of the storm within the fast-paced world.

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