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[Vol. 80] Things That Are Unseen

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  Studere is a Latin verb for studying, and it’s interpreted as a noun ’student’ in English. The literal meaning is applying oneself to something. There is no doubt that human beings have always been students throughout their life - either as for its literal meaning or learning from their or others’ experiences. These vast ideas, experiences, knowledge, and policy exchanging cannot be ascertained but noted down by one’s self here and there.


  One of these days I was caught by a leaf on the way to the dorm and had remembered it’s called ‘입’. Luckily, we had learned it on that particular day. The leaf was beautifully dried out and see-through. It was right there in front of me questioning ‘Have you not noticed that autumn has arrived?’ The transparency of the leaf was unbelievably structured and well enriched with its’ all details. It wouldn’t catch your eyes until you sincerely give it a gaze.


  At some point, we and each individual at our campus are alike to a leaf that falls from the tree and leaves towards the world out where we are most likely to find ourselves completely lost or totally in charge. But both of these feelings are ‘A’ okay, being lost or catching yourself taking a breath from what was occupying you -- they all come with a tiny bit of an innuendo. We just need to pay a tad bit of attention.


  We find ourselves piece by piece in an unexpected places and moments throughout life, especially in our early ages. That being said, we have the scalpels in our own hands to shape our lives. Although it takes time, courage and discipline -- it is worth it. To some it comes easily, to some it will be challenging. But what does not come as a challenge? Even sitting silently and still in a class or disconnecting yourself from social media for about an hour or so is a daunting challenge these days. So, are you up for a challenge? A challenge that would aid you to be more authentic you? If you are down, then next time when you find yourself in a moment of wonderment or a moment of admiration, or even a moment of realization - please note down and share with me. I am one of those people who enjoys talking little things and taking a long break and burst into laughs.


  After all, the best we can accomplish is to give ideas and food for a thought to one another. So right about now, you must be wondering what is up with the title ’Things That Are Unseen’? I won’t make you work for it but if you have figured out already from this short note. Salut! And it just implies that my very Asian face doesn’t really impress as much as my other counterparts, thus I am the unseen alien at the campus, roaming here and there. Observing and being caught in moments that KNUE has to offer.

Masha Tumennasan  boime0824@gmail.com
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