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[Vol. 80] Era of Youtube: Revolution of Creators

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  Have you ever heard about ‘Banz’, and ‘Daedoseogwan’? These are people whose job is in the upper ranks of their industry which is where schoolchildren want to be in the future. ‘Creator’ is the very job. Creators lead the trend of the one-person broadcast while uploading their video clips on Youtube and making a profit as a living. This is a huge change compared to the negative awareness before they uploaded very aggressive video to earn the money. Moreover, creators are registered as a professional occupation named media contents producer. Then why and how they gain the huge influencing power?

  Starting from the video clips on Youtube, a representative influence of creators is the secondary production and consumption like an appearance on a TV program and goods sale. For instance, JTBC variety show, ‘Life in LAN Cable’, is an observable reality show about the daily life of creators. Entertainers react to the process that creators take video and edit, copy how to makeup or recipe they made. Risabae known as a beauty Youtuber released an album and appeared on a music show. Some Youtubers sell food or cosmetics they make. Subscribers are able to watch how the Youtubers use those products in a realistic way, which leads to the purchase. Moreover, creators are widening their occupational area from Youtube to the Broadcasting stations.

  Additionally, the trend is that many entertainers turn into a creator as their job. They introduce the stuff they purchase from doing shopping (HAUL), do a makeup by live-streaming (GRWM), or give a vicarious satisfaction from eating food or wearing new items which fans want. Broadcasting stations also open their own channel for uploading the behind scenes or re-edited parts. They aim to inflow more viewers to the TV program by enhancing their Youtube channel.

  Youtube brings the change of the operating system of other social media with this flow above. For example, Naver stuck to the function of a simple search engine, but they institute TV-CAST that offers a video uploading service. Facebook which adhered not to make a profit by putting an advertisement before videos now allows the advertisement insertion. Instagram added IGTV which enhances the practical usage of video clips. All of these social media also adopted the live-streaming system.

  Then why is the public so enthusiastic about Youtube? That is because of the low entry barrier and high accessibility, which means everyone can be a producer and a consumer of video clips. Another reason is an easy promotion of video by linking to other social media. No-filtering clips also make the public join while providing short, concise, and accurate clips, which are very attentive to what the public want.

  Many experts call these days ‘a Revolution on YouTube.’ Youtube which was a simple video sharing platform leads global trend and has changed a convention of broadcasting stations. People don’t use search engines but watch related clips on Youtube when they have something to find. Accessibility and low entry barrier have been stepping stones for the growth of Youtube. Moreover, a great many subscribers and an influx of them to Youtube may attach an engine to it. In this social tendency, the public is able to predict how much the power of Youtube will be and get the various information they want with pleasure.

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