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[Vol. 80] Vogue or Vague: Two Sides of Trends

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It is unquestionable that there are lots of trends in our society, and they affect our lives who live in that stream. However, these trends have not only positive effects but also negative effects. Trends which have positive effects are expected to be continued; on the contrary, those with negative effects are regarded as to be revised. Thus, the cover stories will look deep into the major examples of opposite trends which can be vogue or vague: the revival of book stores, and so-called pot-spirit which means quickly tempered personality.


Trip to Unique Bookstores of Creative Curations

by Yun Je-min /Reporter

What if there is a bookstore that categorizes its books according to topic such as cats not genre like before? For instance, there are novels, recipes, scientific books related to cats. What if there is a book store that sells books what you are interested in only? These suppositions have started from the notion of ‘curation.’ Curation is a newly-coined word derived from ‘curator’ who plans the exhibition and explains the pieces in the museum or art gallery. Independent bookstores have been increasing which do curate books like a piece in museum according to the characteristic of the bookstore or the owner’s preference. Let’s go to the bookstores located in Seoul which makes even the same books more interesting so that they make consumers buy the books and make them stay longer in the bookstore!

<Dangin Book Plant>

If you have known Dangin plant famous for cherryblossom, what about going to Dangin Book plant having many books like blooming? Dangin Book Plant is a bookstore where entertainer and ex-announcer KimSo Young operates and curates books. Affected by her to her ex-job, and gender, there are many books about the press, society, and woman. Other than that, there are books about medicine or SF novels but no natural science books. This store operates a café together, where consumers can read books they purchased in the bookstore only. They could read any kind of books they did not purchase in the bookstore before, but now is forbidden since too many damaged books are produced. This bookstore represents its own unique bestseller lists once a week. New books are stored after meeting in which whole members participate like the owner, manager, and staffs about selecting what kinds of books. Usually, the books are what owners read before or about interested subjects of the owner. Special curation is ‘Oh Sang Jin’s book-stagram.’ Oh Sang Jin, who is the husband of Owner and also an entertainer, posts the book he read, impression, or review. There is space for curating these books that are in his Instagram feeds.


Let’s go to the place dreaming the most beautiful bookstore in Korea! Buku is located in Seongbukdong, Seoul at which bookstores are hard to find because of high land value. There are book curators in the bookstores, and consumers can listen to an explanation of books about 15 to 20 minutes. Also, it introduces its bestsellers once a month, and there are even books that recommended by book curators what they read. They comment on specific pages and they underline what they want to share with readers on the transparent films. This store places various kinds of stuff which make people want to read a book. For example, the real analog telephone is placed next to the book named ‘I will be right there’ by Shin Kyung Souk. Books newly released are in the beverage refrigerator marked by name tag, ‘fresh books.’ Professional patsies bake bread and various desserts every day. The very special thing in Buku is Book-caroon. It is macaroon inspired by the book. Additionally, the book-caroons and the book which give inspiration are displayed together. Patissier said she made book-caroon to match with the color of the book cover, and for the flavor to harmonize with the book.



  What about visiting Saiebook if you want to know reviews about some places you are going to travel by others? Saiebook is the place that sells books only for the trip. There are various kinds of books related to the theme of the travel, and there are also light novels that people can read during the move to other places. This bookstore has started from an attempt to combine the bookstore about travel, the owner’s hobby and his private office where he works in the children publication field. The staffs in Saiebook also have their main jobs, but they work in the bookstore as a side job because they just like books. Out of the corner in the bookstore, the books about one city are displayed while having the concept of one city per month. It was Firenze that was the topic city of October. Various concepts of books like a travelogue of Firenze, Food of Firenze, and the museum in Firenze and so on were there. The special thing in this place is the travel with author, readers, and Saiebook. For instance, Cat festival to Tokyo, or rice noodle trip to Hanoi are held. Saiebook plans these kinds of festival and recruits participants and enjoys the trip together.


  Dangin book plant and Buku sell various genres of books, but Saiebook sells books about one specific topic about a trip. These bookstores have many functions of not only the book sales but also a café, craft boutiques, or holding meeting with writers or exhibitions and so on. As a result, they reduce the burden that if we visit the bookstore, we must buy at least one book. This makes people encounter and purchase books what they want to buy. Also, people can do various activities in the bookstore like taking lectures of the authors. The trend of bookstores makes many experts expect the effects of the rate of sales, the revival of the publication market, and the growth of small merchants. These bookstores, by their special curation, play an important role linking the writer and readers, and book and human. There are irregular events or schedules because of its independent characteristics, so they communicate with readers by announcing on their official account on Instagram.

The idiom, wear the old coat and buy the new book, is quoted by Austin Phelps referring to invest to the books. Although it is nice to get information from the compact smartphone, what about charging your sentiments by visiting
these kinds of special bookstores?


Poisonous Quick-Tempered Personality of Korea

by Jo So-yeon /Reporter

“Isn’t it our national personality, boil up in a second and then cool down fast?”ou-The movie ‘Insisde men’-

What is ‘Quick-tempered Personality’?

Quick-tempered Personality refers to showing enthusiasm to something instantly regardless of personal interest and then cooling down quickly. The term is figurative to the quick-boiling nature of a pot. Koreans are described to be quick-tempered due to being easily enthused yet quickly indifferent. The point of criticism of this personality is the overheating enthusiasm and quick indifference of a certain topic.


Cases of ‘Quick-tempered Personality


1) Honey Butter Chip

From 2014 to 2015, Honey Butter Chip reversed the public's criticism that buying Korean snacks is a purchase of Nitrogen with its sweet and addictive flavor. Having been so much in turmoil that it couldn’t sell, Honey Butter Chip made 10 billion won during three months since its release and quickly captured the hearts of the consumers. However, the popularity has gone as though it had never been.


2) Pokemon Go

‘Pokemon Go’ appeared like a comet in 2016.It attracted much attention thanks to its unique Augmented Reality (AR) feature – users can acquire various Pokemon characters that come out on the streets based on location-based service. However, the popularity of Pokemon Go and public attention on their game industry have disappeared in just one year.








3) Boycott

At an anchor briefing on JTBC’s News Room, Son Seok-hee pointed out that there was no case of successful boycotts in Korea criticizing consumers ‘quick-tempered personality. Consumer boycotts affect corporate sales. Korea’s boycott campaign is criticized as a quick-tempered personality, as it is only a flash of activity in times of issue. Companies are concerned about the immediate impact on their sales, but not about the impact of overall corporate management itself. Consumer groups claim boycotts against some products based on consumer deceptive product quality and owners’ immoral attitude. However, individual consumers’ interest and participation in the boycott decrease over time. One example is the boycott against Namyang Dairy industry. In May 2013, a transcript of a salesperson at Namyang was released, denouncing the store-owner severely. Reportedly, Namyang has been selling goods to store-owner by force and salespeople have been asking their store-owners for rice cakes as holiday gifts. After 20 days, the sales of Namyang products decreased about 35% year-on-year, but the boycott failed as it turned into a surplus two years later.










4) Severe Trauma Center

“In Korea, there is no such thing as the sustainability of the Severe Trauma Center.” Lee Kook-jong, professor of Ajou University has repeatedly expressed his difficulties in supporting poor medical care. A petition was posted on the Blue House website to support the Center for Geographical Trafficking, which drew attention in the process of treating the North Korean soldier. It passed the 200,000 reference line that




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