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  Do you often take a picture of the food you just ordered (even though you are extremely hungry) just because it is trendy and fashionable enough to be uploaded on yur social media site? Have you ever taken pictures of your current state because you like how the surrounding makes a particular image of yourself (i.e., a picture of your messy desk full of books and cups of coffee creates an image of a hard-working student)? If you have said yes to both of the questions above, you are a victim of social media!

  Admit it. We all have social media friedns who post everything wonderful about their lives ad nauseam - their trips, their best meal ever, their 'perfect' day, or the newest throught that just popped into their head apropos of nothing. This trend perpetuates a false perception of life since it promotes curated fake identities by displaying "staged" parts of one's life as though it represents the absolute truth about a person's entire life. Social media provokes the inner narcissist: the ability to curate one's own life.

  What are the consequences of this trend? As we troll through our feeds, we end up adopting the "grass is greener" attitude. We fall into an envious state of other's live, which promotes self doubt making us think that others are better than us. This can also cause depression because everyone seems happy except you. What is worse, such "perfect" and "happy" feeds can force us to think that it is wrong to spend a day that is not worthy of posting. It also creates a false image of how you should feel since it makes you feel that you are alone and it is wrong to feel negative about something. Imagine that you are in your dorm room one day and ypu check your social media sites. You see that your high school friends are adapting extremely well in their universities since they have posted pictures of them in parties, doing fun activities with their new college "buddies" or actively participating in all sorts of club activities. Such images make your usual day (going to class in the morning, studying at the library for a few hours, eating your dinner at the school cafeteria, playing badminton with your roommate) seem utterly pathetic. However, the postings hide the fact that such images were simply a single momnet of thier lives. THey could have staged the moments to hide their own feelings because they do not want people to know that they are having trouble adapting to their new surroundings. In fact, I have seen too many people who are suffering from depression post unbelievably positive images to hid their feelings.

  The worst part of it all, I think, is that we have become slaves of this fake nonsense world of social media. When we are bored, we reflexively grab our "smart" phones rather than find something interesting to do. What is worse, it is eing updated, so rather than looking at it when we are bored, it takes us away from our work. Bottom line: It makes us waste tiem and procrastinate. Look at what we are doing: we are looking at superficial parts of other people's lives when we should be working.

  I am not denying the positive aspects of social media which allow us to stay connected. But there are simply too many parts of social media that do not help us but harm us. We seriously need to step back and consicer the feects of superficial postings. Do you find yourself wanting to post something simply to create an image? Do you spend most of your time looking at what other people did over the weekend? I want to ask one simple question: Howis your action helping you become a better person?

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