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[Vol. 79] Fashion Trends Coming Back

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  You will notice that a lot has changed if you compare the photos in your smartphone to those in the dusty album of your parents. However, you may unexpectedly find something in common: Fashion! Old styles are attempting a comeback, and they are successful. In 2018, jelly shoes molded with PVC, transparent cloth and plastic bags are currently in style just like they were in the 90s. Fashion experts say that fanny packs, sporty sweatbands and the Blair Waldorf style hair bands with rhinestones are about to be the latest thing again, too. It looks like fashion trends die and come back perpetually.

  High waist skirts and pants, denim jackets and leather biker jackets, sweatshirts tucked into shorts, crop tops, and bustiers; these are fashion trends from the past that are comeback trends. Crop tops were a 90s hit but became a cringe fashion not long after. Not anymore! Everyone is wearing these again. The look died down, but they are back. Denim jackets and leather biker jackets are also huge fashion trends. People would not have worn these items over the past decade, but now the world can welcome back these fabulous fashion pieces. For women’s bottoms, high waist shorts, tennis skirts and bootcut jeans are old styles that are all the mode. Among these, bootcut jeans, in particular, would have been despised by people just a few years ago for their flare-like shape. For men’s, people are starting to wear suspenders, checkered pants and slightly short trousers that show their ankles – definitely 50s and 60s trends.

  Not only clothes but accessories are brought back: messenger bags, large hoop earrings, fanny packs and choker necklaces. If you spend enough time in the fashion world, you might have noticed these comebacks over the past few years. Fanny packs especially got another shot at taking over the fashion world, whether you like it or not. Fanny packs officially became one of the ultimate fashion accessories in the 80s, but then it became too popular, and the interest shifted elsewhere, until now. Fashion runways have seen the return of fanny packs. The interesting fact is that they are not your regular old school fanny packs. These have a brand-new style and a new price tag.

  Why are these trends coming back? There are many theories and explanations. Some account for this by the Methuselah syndrome, which is a human condition that brings about the desire to time-travel back to their happy past rather than facing the harsh reality. The fashion industry tries to utilize this mental state and make people buy products. This is called retrospective marketing.

  However, retrospective marketing seems that it is not the only cause for styles coming back. In fact, some trends that remind the 80s or 90s are just new trends set by trendsetters and fashionistas. These people have no idea about retrospective marketing. This can be proven by the fact that people do not wear the exact same clothes that people used to wear back in the day. Styles that are brought back are slightly transformed and minimalistic than the style you might remember in order to rival the rest of the fashion world. So, if you want to be a fashionista of KNUE, grab an old magazine and start getting inspired!

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