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[Vol. 79] What Is Your Season? - Personal Color Consulting

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  Have you ever given up buying clothes with the worry that the color would not suit you? Haven’t you regretted your new hair color which did not fit you? There is one certain way to reduce this kind of anxiety and failure: Personal color consulting. A personal color refers to the color of an individual, making him or her look lively and energetic in harmony with the color of his or her body. A personal color is a good tool for image making. It makes a much more striking impression on a daily basis or business by using the colors that are right for you. More and more people are taking personal color consulting to get this advantage. At the same time, the number of professional color consultants specializing in personal color diagnostics has increased significantly over the years, and they are very popular now. This time, Indigo met a private color consultant in Seoul to hear and share various stories from professionals. The followings will show you the facts and misconceptions about personal color and get some tip for utilizing your own color!

  The Personal Color consulting course consists of three main steps: a description of the basic theory of personal color, tone diagnosis, and a description of how to use the diagnosed results. According to the basic theory, individual colors are divided into four primary types, namely Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of them is divided into three distinct types: whitish, pale, and soft type from Summer tone, as an example. Thus, there are 12 detailed types of tone. The different tones and types are said to come from the chroma, which represents the clarity and opacity of the color, and from a difference in brightness and darkness.

  The next step in the diagnostic process is to measure the skin color using a cube-shaped machine. If the client puts skin makeup in daily, she or he would be measured with a skin make-up. This is because the goal of consulting is to find the tone in your most daily and usual condition. The cube machine shows whether the skin has more yellow or red tone. The former is said to be warm tone and the latter being cool tone. After finding the warm and cool tone, consultant classifies the client into 12 detailed types of tones through the draping process. The consultant classifies the clients’ type by placing the collections of diversely colored fabrics under the client’s face.

  Lastly, the consultant provides specific information about the tone and type diagnosed. The client can get some tips on how to apply the diagnosed result and the personal color concept to his or her clothes styling, make-up, and hair color. For instance, if you are a spring warm tone, especially the pale type, you will seem to be the most naturally beautiful when wearing bright pastel toned clothes and make-up with unified orange, coral colored lip, shadow, and blusher.


  In addition, Indigo asked a few questions about personal colors to the professional consultant.

Q. Why are the tones divided into four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter?

A. That is because the colors that are displayed in the four seasons are similar to those of our bodies. It would be easier to understand when you think about trees and the ocean. Spring type is bright and yellowish like the leaf that grows into buds. A summer typed-person shows light and pale mood just like a dusky summer haze, a frothy and white beach in summer. People who have dark and rich colors like fallen leaves are autumn types, and lastly, the winter type represents people who show a big contrast of black and white like a scraggy tree with the snow.

Q. Is a personal color innate or does it keep changing?

A. Personal colors can even change! When you return home from summer vacation, your tone changes a little because your skin turns a little darker or red. However, unless you sun bathed all day long, you would not change dramatically from your original tone!

Q. Do we have to dress solely in the colors that fit my diagnosed tone?

A. Not at all. Personal color diagnosis just tells you what your natural tone is and which color suits you best. You do not have to follow unconditionally. If you want to use warm-colored cosmetics even though you are a cool toned person, you should first make your skin tone neutral by using yellow-based foundation. Then, you could put warm-colored shadows or blushers. In fact, in this way, one person can wear all four seasonal types of makeup.

Q. Some celebrities seem to suit every color of clothes. How can it happen?

A. This is the case for people who have a wide range of color palette. Basically, people with white skin do not get interrupted by many colors while people with more yellowish or reddish skin do so. Moreover, when it comes to celebrities, hair color, makeup and styling changes along with each performance, making everything look better together.


  The personal color consulting is a helpful tool for understanding oneself and for showing one’s charm efficiently. The personal color consultant Kim Hye-in said, “Knowing and using personal colors is a strategic way to show your most natural charm to the maximum. This is a process not just to use the color that is best for you but also to understand how to make good use of other colors that don't seem to suit you.”

  Lovely, pure, elegant, and luxurious; each of them is a representative adjective that modifies the tone from spring to winter. Through the natural body color, you got one of these charms naturally from birth. Understanding your personal color and tone will help you put on more adjectives than just the above. What is your season? Won’t you color your season with various colors?

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