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[Vol. 79] Stepping Stone Towards the Credit System, Joint Training Course in Sejong

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  What if students can choose what they want to study deeply in high school? How about attending lectures moving from classroom to classroom like a university? There is a special curriculum that is able to make these things come true! It is the joint training course which is quite similar to a university campus system.

  In the present school system, students in high school take lessons according to a fixed timetable and get scored under the accrediting system which accompanies relative evaluation. In the credit system that will be in effect as of 2022, however, students will pick subjects they want to learn, study, and get a grade in school. This system is made to conduct flexible and individualized instruction emphasizing the development of students. However, doubts have been expressed among the education experts because of the moving problem in physical distance or the stampede phenomena that students will prefer certain subject. In this situation, the joint training course comes on the scene to overcome some troubles when the system is changed from accrediting to the credit system, and it is in force since 2017 in Sejong city.

  Ten stronghold schools and ten model schools make a ‘learning zone’ like a campus, and students can register for classes like a university. Instructors consist of experts who have professional certifications like present teachers, professors, researchers or masters. Students take classes from the first period to the seventh period in their classroom ordinarily, and they can take additional classes they chose. These classes usually open on Saturdays or Wednesdays after a fixed daily timetable or on vacations.

  Further study in the regular study like Advanced Mathematics II or Programming Practices is offered in joint training course 1, and after-school programs like Video Production Practice or Nail Art Design is offered in joint training course 2. This course organizes subjects that are hard to offer in the accrediting system like specialized subject or art, music, and gym classes. It also ensures classes where students’ enrollment is low so that it can guarantee their right for studying what they really want to learn.

  The most curious part will be the evaluating system. Students can complete a course if they attend at least two thirds of the whole class. If they submit their project outcome related to the class or their own output, teachers describe students’ detailed special note in subject and their learning development situation additionally. A paper examination is held, of course, since it is also regular curriculum. Though, only raw score and standard deviation are recorded without no order of grade.

  Lots of articles or press are released which are worried about how to prepare the credit system in high school at 2022 are coming out in the situation that the Ministry of Education does not organize the detailed plans yet. Many education experts say that not only schools but students also will be confused if the classroom or evaluating system is changed overnight. The joint training course in Sejong city plays a role of stepping stones which help schools to proceed steadily from the accrediting system to the credit system. It tries to do a customized education which suits each individual. However, this system is not perfect courses having 100 percent of satisfaction since it has complaints like moving problem. Despite the problem, the level of satisfaction or the opinion that it is helpful is up to 80 to 90 percent according to a survey. “This system leads positive changes while increasing students’ learning capability. We will strengthen this course toward self-directed learning”, said one Sejong education officer.

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