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[Vol. 79] Let's Pop into Performance of Physical Education

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  The 31st annual performance of the Department of Physical Education was held on April 30 at the Teachers’ Culture Hall under the slogan ‘POP.’ Every year, the performance is structured with varied programs, and every student majoring the Department of Physical Education prepares it by each grade. Freshmen do aerobics with music, showing the power of unity. Sophomores stack themselves on top of each other to make some figures

like a pyramid, using their bodies mainly. In the case of juniors, women show dancing like Korean fan dance and men do taekwonmu and taekwondo. Gymnastics and bodybuilding are performed by all undergraduates except seniors who manage the show as staff. The stage is made with about one month-long practice and regular feedback within the department. Many parts in the performance were led by a chief director. In order to satisfy some curiosities concerning the performance, Indigo met Park Hyeong-geun who is the chief director of the 31st performance.



Q. What made the 31st performance different from those of the past?

A. Firstly, the date of the performance was moved up from the middle of May to the end of April because of a changed period of senior’s teaching practicum. Seniors have important roles as staff members who is in charge of MCing, music, lighting and so on or as a chief director like me, and they also participate in practice or rehearsal. Therefore, we had no choice but to change the date because the performance cannot be progressed smoothly without the seniors. In terms of programs, we introduced taekwonmu again which did not appear on the last stage. But the audience could not watch the dancing because there were no women this year. The dancing is a graduation examination of women in the third grade and is also the part they take on originally. We also decided to show the process of equipping a horse vault which has never been shown before. In addition, we planned some quizzes related to our department and events such as ‘Beat the Student of the Department of Physical Education’ to make audiences enjoy the performance more than previous years.


Q. I heard there are main roles in preparing the performance. What jobs do they take charge of?

A. The main roles are chief director, assistant director, stage director and part leaders. The chief director leads practices and tries to improve the quality of performance for which fellow students prepare. He or she helps a team to get in better formation, mainly looking at the student’s position on the stage. The assistant director assists the preparation generally. He or she is in charge of running errands, like taking care of the meals during the intensive training. The stage director oversees everything that happens on the stage. He or she is concerned about a negligent accident, and in particular, on the curtains on the stage. The leader of each part leads and encourages the practice. They also join in several meetings which were held so that they make a performance’s frame with the council of the Department of Physical Education and a chief director.


Q. Do you have a plan to add or change programs in the performance?

A. An idea that we had better improve programs has come up consistently as some people think the composition of performances is too banal. For example, “Let’s change aerobics into jump rope with music.” However, we keep this organization since it is considered as best and it is not easy to just try new programs without precedent.


Q. How do you allocate the parts that all students except seniors participate in?

A. As the process to allocate the part of gymnastics, everyone tries on the same motion on the mat. Then a leader of gymnastics suggests some people who did best to perform a particular motion. Regarding the high-level motion, the leader picks up people who did well or have potential to do well if they practice among volunteers. Bodybuilders in the performance are also determined by volunteering and recommending people who are in good shape.


Q. Why do the double majors join in and which part do they participate in?

A. Participating in the performance is actually not the duty or requirement for graduation. We just suggest joining in because it may be good for them to interact with fellow students of the Department of Physical Education and experience our department’s culture if they decide to major in it. If they want, they appear on the stage like gymnastics and bodybuilding.


Q. What is the hardest part when you prepare the performance?

A. Three days right before the performance is originally for intensive training and rehearsal at the Teachers’ Culture Hall. However, we went there for only two days before the performance, in the evening because of other events which were taking place there. Some points like formation can be examined only on the stage. Therefore, we had a tough time checking the detail since we did not have sufficient time to rehearse in the performance hall.


Q. What do you think of the meaning of the performance as a student of the Department of Physical Education?

A. I think it makes us become intimate and cohesive. It is also a chance to leave our mark by practicing and performing the show for our department. Finally, it is a fun and happy memory despite a tough time of practicing without time to enjoy other campus life or leisure.


  On the school community site BBS, some people said it was unpleasant to use some controversial points as a joke during the event ‘Beat the Student of the Department of Physical Education.’ Though some were quite discontented with the performance and desired more, the audience gave them a big hand to show their appreciation for the performer’s effort and talent. The chief director said that some of the points he was worried about went perfectly on the stage and it was a performance that everyone could participate without injury from beginning to end. Also, many students are expecting better performances which will be made by the department in coming years.

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