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[Vol. 79] Give Attention to Gloomy Makers on Rainy Days in KNUE!

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  Do you like rainy days? Rainy days are known for creating a gloomy mood. Even if you were jumping for joy, a rainy day can easily drag your mood down. The students at KNUE, however, feel gloomy on rainy days not for sentimental reasons, but due to particular situations on at KNUE on rainy days.


No-umbrella stands zones

  It is hard to see umbrella stands equipped in front of the lecture room in Liberal Arts Building, Natural Sciences Building and so on. According to a survey conducted by INDIGO, the lack of an umbrella stand occupies 73.6% of inconvenience in the buildings. Umbrellas are scattered in all direction in halls of the lecture room. It also makes the floor slippery, making it easy for accidents to occur. Additionally, if students bring their umbrellas inside, the classroom floor becomes slippery. Some departments have equipped umbrella stands, but it seems inadequate to accommodate the umbrellas brought by all of the students.


Bumpy road with puddles

  Have you ever thought about a poor condition of road pavement? This is not that bothering on sunny days, but it can be an issue causing inconvenience on rainy days. Hollowed sidewalk blocks and rough roads make lots of puddles. According to the survey, this occupies the most uncomfortable part which amounts to 89.5%. Moreover, when a high-speed car passes these puddles without slowing its speed, rainwater splashes on people’s legs or clothes. Getting to class all dripping wet is an icky experience!


Umbrella-Jam at the gate of the cafeteria

Originally, the entrance of the cafeteria has been chaotic on rainy days. Students put their umbrella on the floor or hung them on the doorknob. These umbrellas cause congestion, and they are obstacles of passing since lots of students put their umbrella at the same time in confined space. What’s more, students are more likely to lose their umbrella in this situation, and it takes too much time to find one’s own umbrella. The floor becomes soaked with dirty water after the rush hour ends. Fortunately, a shelf to keep students’ umbrella is installed to solve this problem since this May. It is expected to resolve fellow students’ inconvenience to some extent.



There are other helpers like this system in the wet day! The Department of Primary Education has been running an umbrella rental system. KNUE Residential Education Center also has operated a rental system for someone who does not have an umbrella since May 2. However, students still say that lots of inconvenient elements are pressing problem, and the other measures for the wet day are necessary. There are also some requirements like offering shoe mats, preparing drainage facilities, and placing sufficient streetlights in school. It seems that the effort of the school of preparing rainy season is needed to make pleasant and enjoyable school life for everyone in KNUE.

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