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[Vol. 79] The Dark Truth about Summer & Winter Sessions in KNUE

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  Have you ever registered for the summer and winter sessions in KNUE? If you have felt difficulty or discomfort in enrolling, one of the causes for such is that KNUE offers a limited amount of summer and winter classes. This means that even if you want to take these courses, it is unlikely that you can. However, in contrast, there are certain situations where you have to take these courses even if you are unwilling to do so. The following shows some reasons for both cases.

  A large number of students have difficulty taking summer and winter sessions in KNUE since there are not enough courses open. Not a single course for education or an elective classes is arranged. In fact, the sessions only consist of few major courses which strictly limit the number of enrollment. What is worse is that these courses are mostly open for seniors. That is why many students take courses at other schools. Unfortunately, however, enrolling in courses outside of KNUE requires a lot of effort

  People usually give two kinds of explanations for this phenomenon. The first reason is the insufficiency of time for professors. It is said that the KNUE professors do not get paid enough to sacrifice their time to carry out their studies, write papers and prepare for upcoming classes. Not long after the summer and winter sessions, professors need to get ready for graduate school classes, and they have other meetings and conferences booked up for vacation. The second reason is course cancellation issues. If a certain amount of students enroll in a class from a summer or winter session, the same course in the following semester can be canceled due to the insufficient number of enrollees. Sometimes, courses being canceled can bring about tragic results, such as some students not being able to graduate on time. This is why many classes have a strict limitation in registration.

  In spite of the majority of students who want to take summer and winter session classes, a minority of students are situated in a certain situation where they are forced to take these. The dispute over a course run by the Department of Technology Education is an example. Typically, the ‘Study on Materials for Teaching Technology’ course, which is a required class for graduation, is open in the spring semester. However, without any discussions, the class has suddenly been set up as a summer session course this year. As a result, 26 technology education majors were obliged to take this class during summer vacation in order to graduate on time.

  This was allegedly due to the professor in charge of the course. Students from the department claim that the reason why he refused to run the course is that he disliked some seniors. This resulted in the class, which was therefore planned to be instructed by a different lecturer, later on becoming controversial, eventually leading to the professor deciding to instruct the class complimentarily. However, even though the cost of the course was free, many students still had to pay for the dormitory or rent and stay at school for three to four weeks whether they liked it or not.

  Some want to take classes during vacation, whereas some really hate the fact that they have to. Either way, they are both considered the pitiable dark reality of KNUE’s summer and winter sessions. Many students believe that KNUE can make a change in this dark reality. Concerning this, Jo Young-jin, a student from the Department of Technology Education, asserts that KNUE should open a variety of classes, or at least open education courses during vacations, as it is one of the top universities in the field of education.

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