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[Vol. 79] Are You Safe from Intrusions into the Dormitory

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  There is an institution called the Residential Education Center in Korean National University of Education. It requires undergraduate students in the first and second years to live in the dormitory, so that they can conduct various programs as well as work on the dormitory. For this reason, more than half of the students live in the dormitory of the university. Recently, the safety of dormitory has threatened.

  First of all, there was an accident in which a stranger entered the dormitory Darak at around 9:50 p.m. on April 2. Students were terrified because it was not confirmed what he did during his eight to nine minutes. The dormitory manager was also absent at the time when the stranger broke in. Later, a student reported an intrusion to Darak's assistant and on that day, the assistant contacted the Gangnae district and Heungdeok police station. Later, through an agreement with REC, Heungdeok Police Station tried to detect the secret camera but there was not. In addition, the institute clearly mentioned that it took a long time for students to report the accident because they could not distinguish between the manager who has his own mane tag and a stranger.

  Before the confusion ends, there was a controversy over the invasion of stranger who were not admitted to the open kakaotalk chat room which the head of floor made to notify information. Because of the anonymity of Open Talk, nobody knows who the stranger was. There have been new arrivals in the room since some time, first everyone regarded them as student living in the dormitory but not entering the kakaotalk chat yet. However, it was wrong. Eventually there are more people in the chat room than students living in the second floor in the dormitory Yulkok. As one of the students asked to the head of floor, the incident concluded by checking the presence of each student at the time of the roll call and sending out an unidentified profile. However, the fact that a stranger was present for a while was once again a fear that private information such as person profile and chat room contents could leak out.

  After the invasion of dormitory Darak, the institute announced plans to ask the security company to catch the stranger and improve the gate so that it allows only one person to enter the dormitory at a time. However, in the early morning of May 12, a drunken male student opened the door and entered the girls ' dormitory before the plan started. Immediately after the incident, the girl student went to look for a manager, but she could not get help because there was no manager at the time. The report revealed that the Teacher Institute for Cultural Education was negligent in its safety and security. Lee Hwa-jin, president of the dormitory student council said, “We will request the deployment of security guards for each officer, " to immediately respond to the crisis.”

  To solve the big and small problems related to the invasion of the dormitory, the student council and the institute are trying to secure safety rights of students. However, students living in the dormitory say that it is necessary to come up with a practical long-term alternative, not just a short series of recent incidents.

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