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[Vol. 79] The Students' General Meeting Went up in Smoke

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  Student’s general meeting of the Korea National University of Education for the first half year was expected to hold on March 14 at 19:00 p.m. at Teachers’ Culture Hall, but it foundered.  On this meeting, it was scheduled to review some agenda such as 30th student council’s overall route, the business budget of the student council and independent student body, and so on.

  The conference can assemble when 609 people, a quarter of total enrollment, are present. However, only students between 160 and 210 averagely attended the meeting. While waiting for more students, student council president started to give a briefing on some agendas which were planned to be reported and discussed. She also had a question and answer session approximately at 7:40 p.m. Students questioned about various items like alternative education and orientation for freshmen. They also made suggestions concerning shuttle bus for Miho and stating payment for student union fee. This session lasted for about 90 minutes, but eventually, students decided to disperse and hold representative conference because of a quorum. All agendas were approved at the conference which was held on March 19.

  The student council president resolved on active public relation, missing this failure. Also, many students regarded this situation as regrettable since the student council is considered that they work hard for students than any other times. Hwang Jun-yeop, a junior of the Department of History Education said, “I think holding the meeting itself may have been energy to the council. Even if the result is disappointing, I wish they keep on their work, thinking many students cheer for them and the students give a damn about the student council.”

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