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[Vol. 79] Letter from the Chief Editor

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  You might have heard the term ‘salad bowl’ as a metaphor for the USA to express that the country is a mixture of diverse cultures and races, maintaining their own identities. Now, living in the third wave as Alvin Toffler expected, the world became just like a salad bowl that humans and artificial intelligence coexist. Almost all kinds of fields are getting help from AI: from simple labor to service industry and so on. In addition, AI is becoming the essential part of people’s daily lives; it searches the information that people ask, offers various recipes based on the ingredients in the refrigerator, or even drives a car. It is quite undeniable that AI brings convenience to human lives, but some controversial issues are surrounding it. Some worries and concerns seem natural to have AI as a new member of the world.

  The cover story of this issue would be about two main points. The first point would be the growth of AI industry and the phenomena that it soaks into various fields. The second one would cover some controversies rising in the age of AI. It will be a great chance for you to look around where AI exists at your side and think about its effects.Even though the number of pages dealing with the cover story decreases in this issue compared to the last issues, it will surely give you deeper and sharper view of the topic, AI.

  We also prepared a variety of articles in many other sections to satisfy you. As you can find easily when you take a look at the content page, the composition of the sections changed a little. We decided to reduce the quantity of ‘Briefing’ section and increase the ‘Focus’ section. It will offer you more detailed information about hot issues in and about KNUE like the intrusions in REC. Also, we restored the ‘Column’ section, which will give you nice descriptions and impressions about teaching practicum in Chadwick. Of course, other sections will also be full of interesting articles.

  Publishing my last issue as a chief editor, I have always felt happy whenever I imagine you reading our articles that we have worked for almost five months. It will be, not surprisingly, impossible without great efforts of our reporters, so I want to say thanks to them to be here with me to complete this 79th issue. Also, I really appreciate our readers. Thanks to the feedbacks from you, INDIGO is getting better in every aspect. The release date is quite late this time because of the internal affairs, but I hope this issue will be a companion on your way home. We would welcome any thoughts or comments you have about this issue. Lastly, my duty as a chief editor will end at this point, and my last word as a chief editor is: PLEASE GIVE LOVE TO INDIGO! Thank you!

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