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[Vol. 78] If Your Homeroom Teacher Were the One in Your Whole School Life

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Recently, Gyeonggido Office of Education announced Grade System Considering Growth in 2017 to help students get used to the new surroundings in school. This announcement became a hot issue to those who have an interest in education. The reason is that there is ‘consecutive homeroom teacher system’ in this scheme. Consecutive homeroom teacher system is a controversial issue in educational world. With a stream of education respecting and considering the student’s psychological development, it seems necessary to pay attention toward the announcement of Gyeonggi.

To look into the announced system of Gyeonggi Province in detail, at elementary schools, a homeroom teacher serves the two-term with a first year and a second year of same students. At high schools, one teacher is in charge of students entering a school as a first-grader for three years in the same class until they graduate. The schools in Gyeonggi will adopt this system with one or two classes on a trial basis and operate it on their own. The Province has a plan for this system to settle in all schools until 2020.

As the system of being a homeroom teacher for consecutive terms is reviewed with an announcement of the Province, pros and cons of this system are brought up. Many people have said that this system has a double-edged sword with the effect and the problem. The effects of serving consecutive terms as a class teacher exist in the fact that they can know the students more intimately. Teachers who are in charge of the same class for some years can observe their students personally and closely. Accordingly, the teachers can conduct the class being more aware of the needs of the students. Also, students can find their aptitude and career fields with the help of their homeroom teacher who knows them in-depth than any other ones.

However, apart from the advantages of this system, there are some problems with it. Students and teachers can get some stress in keeping relations with each other for a long time if their relationship is not good. In the position of students, if they are labeled as refractory students in teacher’s eyes, they will have troubles with their teacher at many times continuously. They have difficulty in changing their image toward a good person. Moreover, the place of the school exists not only for studying but also for experiencing various relationships with many other people. With the viewpoint that the relationship with the teacher and their classmates is also the precious experience to the students, consecutive homeroom teacher system can deprive of their opportunity to experience various relationship.

Some experts in education field are expecting that this announced scheme in Gyeonggi-do including consecutive homeroom teacher system can give a customized education to students who have each several characteristics and situations. Also, because it is a newly introduced system, there are some worries about that. However, to think about it, this system is a familiar issue as a pre-service teacher. It is a system for knowing the students truly and grasping the potential. There would be some necessity to pay close attention to this scheme and keep an eye on the process and effects at schools in Gyeonggi.

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