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[Vol. 78] Lives of Double Majoring Students

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Double major is one of the charming points in KNUE. If students want to learn education of another subject or education for students of another level, they can apply for double major at the Department of Student Affairs. In KNUE, many students do their best to complete the course, and INDIGO had time to look into their lives and listen to their thoughts. A survey targeting students who are currently double majoring or gave up the course was carried out in order to know their thoughts about this course and their lives.
The biggest reason to double major is that “the subject of second major is a field they want to study”, accounting for 75 percent of answers. Also, “the interest from learning new thing” is another reason. While there are scholastic reasons as above, practical reasons such as “getting two teaching licenses” and “low job openings of their major” are also referred, accounting 41 percent and 31 percent for each.
On the other hand, there are also many students who have difficulties in double majoring. Among the reasons, “a tight schedule” is the biggest reason, forming 70 percent. For other reasons, “concern about their grade of the second major”, “mental pressure from two graduation examinations”, and “difficulties in getting announcements about their second major” follow it as the next rank, accounting about 50 percent for each one. 30 percent of students feel “a sense of alienation among the first majors” and said it also makes them feel exhausted. The reasons why they have difficulties are not one-sided but exist evenly and variously in their life.
The next subjective questions let INDIGO know their thoughts in depth. Among many other subjective questions, opinions about “improvement points they want in system of a double major” are replied the most. Their opinions are written honestly about overlapped schedule between original major lectures and double major lectures, a negative attitude of the first majors and professors toward, and so on. Most of all, what they want to improve notably is the problem of information delivery. They say that they cannot be informed about the changed bachelor schedule many times. When there are important events or the lecture are canceled, they are often informed too late because they are not in the major group chat. For this problem some double majoring students want text messages to be sent to all students when there are any changed schedules. Also, they have trouble in understanding necessary credits and elective credits. Although the information about necessary credits and elective credits is in a college bulletin, it is difficult to understand the system fully. For this reason, some students say it would be helpful for them that if the lecture for double majoring students opens to inform how to lay out a schedule.
Many students choose to double major with several dreams. They might confront some difficult problems in a situation of completing education of two subjects. However, there are some points that other students can help with, and the most helpful thing can be the favorable attitude toward them. It will make a small wish of one of the respondents come true that said, “Improvement of the system will be very helpful to us, but most of all, I think, a change in students’ consciousness is needed. Their thoughts such as “You are not our member” and “Double majoring students deprive us of our rice bowls” make us sit on pins and needles. I hope that other students embrace us as one of their members.”

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