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[Vol. 78] How Is ACE+ Project Going

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After it was designated as one of the 42 universities that will get support from Advanced College Education+ (ACE+) project last semester, KNUE started to make the project advanced in earnest this semester. It aims for students to have Higher+ competence, which stands for Humanity, Intelligence, Globalization, Harmony, Experience, and Renovation. The project is divided into mainly seven business groups, 27 main businesses, and 57 detailed programs.

The first group is liberal education course. Five businesses have been ongoing to develop and operate the lectures and curriculum that can foster teachers who have communal and practical humanity. It can be said that the change of the total curriculum of liberal arts subjects which was applied starting from those who enter KNUE in 2017 is closely related to these businesses. The second group is major education course, which promotes three businesses that can make creative innovation education. Next group, nonsubject education course with four businesses, includes Pre-Teacher Experience with Mentor programs which was first adopted as one of the programs in the curriculum of KNUE’s Residential Education Center.

School system improvement group is trying to train amalgamative and complex pre-service teachers. There are mainly three businesses in this group to achieve its goal. Substantialization of student guidance group aims to teach students by making them experience and leading the programs by themselves and connected with a community. There are also three main businesses, and ANCED program and THC fostering program are the most noticeable examples in this business group. The group about the improvement of the aid system for training and learning is trying to formulate a system to strengthen the capabilities focused on Teaching-Learning Centers. The system is getting prepared to follow the flow of the future education in the situation of the fourth industrial revolution.

The last group is the improvement of the system for managing the quality of education group. It consists of five main programs. Among them, the introduction of Interim Lecture Evaluation system was noticed most by the KNUE students. It was because it was closely related to all the students who took at least one class. The interim evaluation progressed from October 24 to October 30 using the online homepage of the school affairs information system. The evaluation form was comprised of self-assessment, assessments of the content of the lecture, the interaction between professor and students, strength of the lecture, and any suggestions for the improvement. However, it was test-operated so only a few professors who want to take evaluations used the system.

It seems hard to deny that most students even do not realize that they have participated in one of the programs operated by the ACE+ project. Since the period of the project is four years and it is only the first semester that the detailed programs launched, there is a big opportunity in the development of the project. More interests of both professors and students in KNUE would be required to successfully finish all the programs as a part of the ACE+ project which goal is to foster well-rounded pre-service teachers.

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